Department Directory

Jose Abad

Technical/Support II

Cat Adams

Research Associate II

Sandra Adams

Research Associate III

Amrita Agee

Masters Plan C Student

Cameron Aldridge

Research Ecologist with USGS, and Affiliate Professor and Research Scientist at CSU

William Andelt

Emeritus Professor (Retired in 2012)

David Anderson

Program Director & Chief Scientist, CNHP

Rick App

Environmental GIS Specialist

Rick Aster

Department Head

I am a geophysicist with interests in seismic imaging and source studies applied to diverse Earth processes that encompass deep structure, earthquakes, volcanos, and glaciers.

Lise Aubry

Assistant Professor

Demography, Population Ecology, Life History Evolution, Conservation Biology, Wildlife Management, Human-Wildlife Conflicts, Climate Change, Habitat Degradation.

Brian Avila

PhD Candidate - FWCB - Dr. Dana Winkelman's Lab

Mai Awad

Graduate Assistant

Tom Baldvins

Research Associate III

Vegetation Ecology

Patrick Ball

Postdoctoral Associate

Srijana Baral

Assistant Professor

Forest and Natural Resource Economics

Jim Barborak

Co-Director, Center for Protected Area Management

Jim Barborak is a multilingual specialist in protected area planning and management with over 40 years experience in over 25 nations

Jill Baron

Senior Research Scientist

Kevin Barrett

Research Associate III

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Tamara Bearly

Research Associate IV

Computer Programmer, Web Design, ESRI Javascript API

Tyler Beeton

Research Associate III

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Erin Belval

Research Associate

Forest Operations

Jay Benner

Research Associate II

Delwin Benson

Professor, Extension Wildlife Specialist

Joel Berger

Barbara Anthony Cox Chair of Wildlife Conservation

Barbara Cox Anthony University Chair in Wildlife Conservation

Kevin Bestgen

Senior Research Scientist, Joint Faculty Appointment-Assistant Professor, Director Larval Fish Lab

Ethan Billingsley

Adventure Tourism Program Lead

Carroll Bjork

Illustrator I - Larval Fish Lab

Emily Blackaby

Graduate Assistant


Pat Blake

Research Associate I

Greg Blum

ARNG RFMSS Program Manager

Tim Blume

Research Associate II

Sara Bombaci

Assistant Professor

Researching innovative strategies for restoring biodiversity, investigates how ecological communities and interactions are transformed by anthropogenic change, and integrates technology.

Randall Boone

Research Scientist and Professor

Wildlife and pastoral ecology; Simulation; Teaching

Gillian Bowser

Associate Professor

My passion is connecting citizen science, art and science using multicultural perspectives and international agreements to global sustainability issues such as pollinator decline. I also believe in the integration of art and culture into ecological research and communication.

Ty Boyack

Research Associate IV

Kerstin Braun


Paleoclimatology, stable isotope geochemistry

Stewart Breck

Affiliate Faculty-Assistant Professor; Graduate MS Adviser, PhD Co-Advise

Allison Brody

Associate Director of Learning, Center for Collaborative Conservation

Roberta Brouwer

Assistant Director of Development

BART Brown

Prof/Indiv Contrib II

Hannah Brown

Research Associate II

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Sean Bryan

Master Instructor

I am a geoscientist interested in the lessons of Earth’s past about climate change, ocean circulation, and carbon cycling. I am also interested in advancing geoscience education, diversity and inclusion.

Edna Buchan

Research Associate III

Natalie Buchholz


Urban Ecology, Urban Forestry, Human-Wildlife Interactions, Environmental Justice/Equity, Asian Elephants

Ethan Bucholz

Colorado State Forest Service and Warner College of Natural Resources

Academic Liaison and Experiential Learning Specialist

Thu Bui

Graduate Assistant

Adam Bunger

Masters Plan C Student

Brian Burek

Research Associate II

Ken Burnham

Emeritus Professor - former Asst. Leader, Coop Unit

Chuck Burns

Project/Prgm Mngmt II

Mike Caggiano

Research Associate IV

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Alan Cai

Graduate Assistant

Marin Chambers

Research Associate IV

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Aung Chan

PhD Candidate - FWCB - Dr. George Wittemyer's Lab

Ben Chapman

Masters Plan C Student

Caitlin Charlton

limnology, ecosystem ecology, paleolimnology, global change ecology

Tony Cheng

Professor and Director, CO Forest Restoration Institute

Collaborative planning, monitoring, and adaptive management for forest restoration and wildfire risk management; forest governance, policy, and administration

Marcia Chesnut

State Classified Retiree

Roger Ciuffo

Research Associate III

William Clements


Aquatic ecology and ecotoxicology

Julia Cline

Stu Admin & Clerical

Kristen Cognac

MS Program, Hydrogeology/Hydrogeophysics - Mike Ronayne, Advisor

Mary Cole

Research Associate I

Robert Coleman

Emeritus Master Instructor

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) , Forest Measurements , Dendrology

Rich Conant

Department Head

David Cooper

Senior Research Scientist

The full range of issues related to wetland and riparian ecosystems.

Stuart Cottrell

Professor, Sustainable Tourism, Coordinator of Global Tourism Concentration

His research focus includes sustainable tourism development - linking tourism, nature conservation and protected areas; collaborative conservation and protected area management; and perceptions of landscape disturbance - implications for human dimensions of natural resources, recreation and tourism.

Michael Coughenour

Senior Research Scientist and Advising Faculty

Ecosystem science and systems ecology, particularly of the world's large herbivore ecosystems.

Billy Cox

Technical/Support III

Evan Cox

MNRS program, Ecological Restoration

Lisa Cranek

Research Associate III

Timothy Cree

Accounting Technician II

Shawna Crocker

State Project Learning Tree Coordinator

Kevin Crooks


Wildlife ecology and conservation

Vicki Culbreth

Outreach & Engagement Manager

Jamie Dahl

Assistant Professor

Dominique David-Chavez

Assistant Professor

Indigenous Natural Resource Stewardship

Ana Davidson

Research Associate III, Joint Faculty Appointment-Instructor, Graduate Co-Advise only

Mallory Davies

MS Candidate - FWCB- Dr. Kathryn Stoner's Lab

Donna Davis

Project/Prgm Mngmt I

Jay Davis

Equipment Mechanic III

Kristin Davis

PhD Candidate - FWCB - Dr. Liba Pejchar's Lab

Rich Davis

Research Associate III

Seth Davis

Associate Professor

Forest and Woodland Entomology

Greg DeZurik

Research Associate II

Web Developer / Database Administrator

Karin Decker

Conservation Ecologist

Conservation ecology

Tegan Deeney

Master of Natural Resource Stewardship

Remer Dekle

Research Associate III

Yuting Deng

MS Candidate-FWCB-Dr. Kyle Horton's Lab

Gail Dethloff

Joint Faculty Appointment-Assistant Professor, MFWCB Coordinator/Adviser

Chris Dicamillo

Domain & Database Administrator

Database-driven web applications utilizing ColdFusion & PHP | MSSQL & MySQL database design & management | Active Directory Group Policy

Adam Dillon

PhD Candidate - GDPE - Dr. Kevin Crooks' Lab

Amanda Doherty

MS Program, Geochemical Modeling - Sally Sutton, Advisor

Mary Dolce

Assistant to the Dean

Brian Dudek

Research Associate III

Jarod Dunn

Research Associate II

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Logan Dunn

Master of Natural Resource Stewardship

Mark Easter

Sr Research Associate

Gloria Edwards

Southern Rockies Fire Science Network Director

Sven Egenhoff


I am a sedimentary geologist focusing on process geology in shales and carbonates. I apply the depositional and diagenetic models me and my students generate to characterize hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Josh Eib

Technical/Support I

Johanna Eidmann

MS Program, Geomorphology - Sara Rathburn, Advisor

Dan Ek

Prof/Indiv Contrib II

Gwynn Ellis

Prof/Indiv Contrib II

Mary Emanuel

Masters Plan C Student

Peder Engelstad

Research Associate III

Species Distribution Modeling | Invasion Ecology | R Programming

Jordan Etl

Stu Admin & Clerical

Trevor Even

Ph.D. Student, GDPE; Research Assistant, North Central Climate Adaptation Science Center

Seth Ex

Associate Professor

Silviculture and Applied Forest Ecology

Jemma Fadum

Tropical limnology and aquatic biogeochemistry

Collin Farrell

Masters - FWCB - Dr. Brett Johnson's Lab

Steven Fassnacht


Snow Hydrology, Climate Impacts on Water Resources

Kurt Fausch

Emeritus Professor

Ecology and management of stream-riparian ecosystems, focusing on stream fish and their habitat

Maria Fernandez-Gimenez

Senior Research Scientist

Rangeland Social-ecological Systems

Eric Fetherman

Ph.D. Candidate - Fish, Wildife, and Conservation Biology

Steven Filippelli

Research Associate II

Remote sensing of vegetation and geospatial analyses.

Ryan Finchum

Co-Director, Center for Protected Area Management

Protected Area Management, Ecotourism, Environmental Interpretation, and Conservation Leadership

Michelle Fink

Research Associate IV

Landscape Ecology and Spatial Analysis

Mark Fisher

Research Associate II

Ryan Fitzpatrick

PhD Candidate - FWCB - Dr. Kevin Bestgen's Lab

Adam Fjeld

Research Associate II

Erica Fleishman

Senior Research Scientist

Ecology and conservation biology

Nikki Foxley

Academic Success Coordinator III

Sean Gallen

Assistant Professor

I am an Earth Scientist interested in geomorphology, active tectonics, landscape evolution, and critical zone science. My research is multidisciplinary and involves fieldwork, geochronology, GIS, numerical modeling, and laboratory and data analysis.

Wei Gao


Regional Climate/Ecosystem Modeling, Remote Sensing, Solar UV Radiation Monitoring and Research

Nelson Gathuku

PhD Candidate-GDPE-Dr. George Wittemyer's Lab

Walt Gee

Research Associate II

Luke George

Affiliate - Instructor

Frank Gibbs

Research Associate I

Amy Gill

Graduate Assistant

Jon Glover

Wildland Fire Module Lead

Liba Goldstein


I am a conservation biologist that integrates field ecology with environmental finance and policy to identify innovative ways to sustain and restore biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Vineet Goswami

Postdoctoral Fellow, AIRIE

Kent Grant

Project/Prgm Mngmt I

Michelle Greiner

Research Associate III

Public Lands Policy Group

John Grieve

Project/Prgm Mngmt I

Larry Grosse


Fire and Emergency Services Administration

Lee Grunau

Senior Research Associate

Planning for Biodiversity Conservation

Tian Guo

Assistant Professor

Ram Gurung

Research Associate III

Nancy Gus

Accounting Technician IV

Nate Gwinn

Research Associate III

Nathan Hahn

PhD Candidate - GDPE - Dr. George Wittemyer's Lab

Ed Hall

Associate Professor

Jill Handwerk

Senior Research Associate

Jill Handwerk, Botany Team Lead and Information Manager at CNHP, has over 20 years of experience in Colorado botany. Through her work as lead organizer of the annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposia, and at CNHP, she has close working relationships with botanists throughout the region, including USFWS, USFS, BLM, UT and WY heritage programs, local consultants, and regional herbaria. Ms. Handwerk has been the principal investigator on numerous botanical projects including work for the USFWS, USFS, BLM, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Most recently Ms. Handwerk was the lead author on the Rare Plant Addendum to the 2015 Colorado Wildlife Action Plan, and the lead botanical editor of the 2015 Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Colorado Bureau of Land Management.

John Hanna

Prof/Indiv Contrib III

Judith Hannah


As a geologist/isotope geochemist with the AIRIE Program, my interests span petroleum and mineral resources and paleoclimatology. I also manage CSU’s collaborative National Park Service Geologic Resources Inventory group.

Bennett Hardy

PhD Candidate - FWCB - Dr. Larissa Bailey's Lab

Dennis Harry

Edward M. Warner Chair of Geophysics

I am a geophysicist focusing on geodynamic studies of continental rift systems and rifted continental margins.

Sarah Hart

Assistant Professor

Applied Forest Ecology and Silviculture

Jacqie Hasan

Academic Support Coordinator

Caroline Havrilla

Assistant Professor

Dryland Ecology and Management

John Hawkins

Senior Research Associate - Larval Fish Lab

Matt Haworth

Research Assistant II - Larval Fish Lab

Forest Hayes

PhD Candidate-FWCB-Dr. Joel Berger's Lab

Kathy Hayes

Research Associate II

Valerie Heady

Accounting Technician III

Julie Heinrichs

Resch Sci/Scholar II

Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology

Abu Helal

Postdoctoral Fellow

Marie Held

Research Associate II

Tom Hilinski

Research Associate (Retired)

Soil and ecosystem modeling: land-use change, climate change, geomorphology

Edward Hill

MS program, Forest Sciences

Jessica Hinz

Wildlife Project Coordinator

Wildlife, Threatened/Endangered Species, GIS, Fort McCoy

Chad Hoffman

Associate Professor

Wildland fire science across spatial and temporal scales

Fede Holm

Post Doctoral Staff - Instructor NRRT 330

Kaye Holman

Academic Success/Internship Coordinator / WCNR Learning Communities Director

Sustainability in Higher Education | Student Engagement |Curriculum Development | Education Program Management

Kyle Horton

Assistant Professor

Migration ecologist using radar to study avian movements

Chaska Huayhuaca-Frye

Research Associate III

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

James Hubbard

Dir of Colo St Forest Srv

Tori Hunter

Research Associate I

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Mary Huwa

General Professional V

Eva Hybiak

Research Coordinator

David Iler

Prof/Indiv Contrib II

Peter Jacobson

Research Associate III

DoD Environmental Compliance: Stormwater, GIS

Jeff Jahnke

Dir of Colo St Forest Srv

Roderic Jao

Technical/Support III

Dan Jensen

Research Associate II

Jason Jinks

Research Associate I

Brett Johnson


I study food webs, predator-prey interactions, lake and reservoir ecology, effects of nonnative species, fisheries management, contaminants, and effects of climate.

Jim Johnson

Research Associate I

Michael Johnson

PhD Candidate - FWCB - Dr. David Koons' Lab

David Jones

Research Associate IV

Jim Jones

Prof/Indiv Contrib II

Megan Jones

Graduate Assistant

Rachel Jones

MS Candidate - FWCB - Dr. Chris Myrick's Lab

Brian Josey

Research Associate II

Yoichiro Kanno

Associate Professor

Stream fish ecology and conservation

Ronald Karpilo Jr

Research Associate II, National Park Service Cooperator

Bill Kendall

COOP Assistant Unit Leader, Assistant Professor

Ray Kidd

Technical/Support I

Jim Kilber

Research Associate III

Sarah King

I am a behavioral ecologist who specialises in equids and endangered species conservation.

Ed Kluender

Research Associate - Larval Fish Lab

David Knight

Assistant Professor; Director of Engagement, Master of Tourism Management-China

Community-based tourism, Sustainability, Tourism-linked Empowerment

Allie Kohler

Ecology, Wildlife, Mammalian Biofluorescence

David Koons

James C. Kennedy Chair of Wetland and Waterfowl Conservation

James C Kennedy Endowed Wetland/Waterfowl Conservation Chair. I use demography to solve problems and answer questions in conservation, management, ecology, and evolution.

Sunil Kumar

Resch Scientist/Scholar II NREL, Affiliate Faculty ESS & BSPM

Bradley Lambert

Research Associate III

I am a zoologist with interests in conservation, population ecology and the biogeography of amphibians and reptiles in Colorado.

Shannon Lambert

MS Candidate - FWCB - Dr. William Kendall's Lab

Damon Lange

Project/Prgm Mngmt II

Monica Lasky

MS Student-GDPE-Dr. Sara Bombaci's Lab

Wildlife Ecology and Behavior

Theresa Laverty

PostDoctoral Fellow - Dr. Kathryn Stoner Lab

Anna Lavoie

Assistant Professor

Gendered livelihoods, resource stewardship, and feminist political ecology

Paul Layden

Instructor, Undergraduate Coordinator, and Internship and Outreach Coordinator

Internships, career preparation, event planning, natural resource ecology and measurements.

Emily LeBlanc

Conference and Event Coordinator

AJ Lee

Climate change & GHGs

Carolyn Leis

Accounting Technician III

Joanna Lemly

Wetland Ecologist

I am a wetland ecologist who specializes in inventory, assessment and monitoring of wetlands throughout the Western U.S, from protocol development to implementation of large-scale resource assessments. I am also involved with developing educational resources about wetlands.

Brian Leo

Research Associate I

Mike Lester

Dir of Colo St Forest Srv

Debra Lewis

Assistant to the Director

Sam Lewis

MS Candidate-FWCB-Dr. Yoichiro Kanno's Lab

Matt Ley

Research Associate II

Mia Li

Graduate Assistant

Nick Long

Research Associate III

Susan Lutz

Research Associate III

Pomai Lyman

Research Associate I

Stacy Lynn

Research Scientist II

Social-ecological systems, African drylands and mixed-methods research

Dean Maas

Research Associate I

Kurt Mackes

Senior Research Scientist/Associate Professor

Timber harvesting and wood utilization

Jerry Magloughlin

Associate Professor

I am a structural geologist/hard rock petrologist, with interests in faults, shear zones, fault rocks, the geochemical and isotopic aspects of deformation, metamorphic and igneous petrology, and geoeducation including geophotography.

Randy Major

Computer Lab Manager

Lameck Maninji


Ore Deposit Studies and Geochemistry


Research Associate IV

Kate Marchant

Vegetation Ecologist

Vegetation Ecologist

Megan Mardesen

Academic Support Coordinator/Student Advisor

Laura Marshall

Postdoctoral Fellow

Forests and fire ecology

Sarah Marshall

Research Associate III

Ecohydrology, with a focus on conserving and restoring wetlands and riparian areas

Tiara Marshall

Undergraduate Program Coordinator/Academic Advisor

Desir'e Martinez

Accounting Technician II

Ernest Marx

Research Associate III

Alex Masarie

Postdoctoral Fellow

Wildfire Decision Support

Cassie Mattson

Assistant to the Department Head

Evan McCurnin

PSM ESS - Water Track Student

Hydrology, Watershed Science, Groundwater, Geomorphology, Water Quality

Daniel McGrath

Assistant Professor

I am a geoscientist who utilizes novel in situ geophysical and remote sensing tools to study earth surface processes, particularly related to the cryosphere. My research has involved more than 15 expeditions to Antarctica, Greenland, Alaska and Patagonia.

Melissa McHale

Associate Professor

Urban Ecology and Sustainability

Kyler McKee

Research Associate I

Caly Means

Masters Plan C Student

Michael Menefee

Research Associate III: Environmental Review and Data Distribution

I am a conservation scientist at CNHP with expertise in technical report writing, geographic information systems, spatial analysis, information technology, graphic design, desktop publishing software, project administration, photography, public outreach and communications.

Dawson Metcalf

Program Coordinator for Conservation Leadership

Leadership development with emphasis in environmental education.

Tania Metcalf

Research Associate III

Tom Miller

Research Associate II

Eleanor Milne

Visiting Scientist/Schola

John Mola

Assistant Professor

Pollination and Pollinator Ecology; Insect Ecology; Conservation

Anna Clare Monlezun

Social-ecological dynamics of collaborative grazing management on government-owned lands

Jim Moore

Research Associate III

John Moore

Director of NREL

Trent Moore

Research Associate I

Kat Morici

Research Associate III

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Clara Mosso

Graduate Assistant

Land use planning, scenario planning, ecosystem services modeling, environmental policy.

Stephanie Mueller

Research Associate II

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Dana Musto

Graduate Research Assistant

Erin Muths

Affiliate - Graduate Committee Member- Bailey Lab

Chris Myrick


Applied fish physiological ecology and fish conservation

Linda Nagel

Department Head
Professor of Silviculture

Haley Nagle

Outreach and Education Specialist and Data Analyst

Sarah Newman

Research Associate II

Citizen Science

Kelsey Newton

Research Associate I

Colorado Forest Restoration Institute

Jacob Ney

Graduate Assistant

Minh Nguyen

PhD Candidate-FWCB-Dr. Joel Berger's Lab

Tuan Dung Nguyen

Postdoctoral Fellow

Forest management, wildland fire management, operations research, stochastic optimization

Pamela Northey

General Professional III

Rob Novak

Director of Communications

Stephanie O'Meara

Senior Research Associate, National Park Service

Troy Ocheltree

Associate Professor

Plant ecophysiology, plant water-use strategies, plant drought tolerance, drought-induced mortality, sensor development and implementation.

Stephen Ogle

Full Professor and Senior Research Scientist

Jim Olech

Research Associate I

Tyler Olsen

Research Associate III

Becky Olson

Senior Research Associate

Jody Olson

Research Associate II

Julie Orwick

Assistant to the Dean - Finance & HR

Ronald Owens

Research Associate III

Kira Paik

Graduate Assistant

Susan Panjabi

Sr Research Associate

Rare Plant Conservation

Denise Parcesepe

Program Assistant / Assistant to the Department Head

Mickey Pardo

PostDoctoral Fellow - Dr. George Wittemyer Lab

Jenna Parker

PhD Candidate-GDPE-Dr. George Wittemyer's Lab

William Parton

Senior Research Scientist

Mark Paschke

Shell Endowed Chair of Restoration Ecology

Restoration Ecology

Bill Pate

Research Associate-CSU Fisheries Ecology Lab

John Pate

Research Associate IV

Eldor Paul

SR Resch Sci/Scholar

Keith Paustian

Senior Research Scientist

David Pavlacky

Online Plan C Instructor

Kim Pepin

Researcher in Wittemyer Lab

Jed Perkins

Research Associate I