About Chris

Researcher at Colorado State University working on agricultural modeling to examine management impacts on carbon sequestration and GHG emissions. My goal is to participate in and help lead innovative projects regarding agricultural adaptation, mitigation, and efficiency in order to help lower greenhouse gas emissions and make agricultural systems more resilient under the changing climate. I have a broad background in Greenhouse gas emissions, from sampling in peatlands in Alaska, forests in New Hampshire and the full spectrum of emissions from dairy farms. I am interested in the intersections of agriculture, people, climate and economics and in building a more resilient, ethical, efficient and successful systems. The main project I am working on revolves around improving our understanding and analysis of Nitrous oxide emissions through building a global database of field sites.



  • Nitrous Oxide emissions
  • Agriculture GHG emissions
  • Sustainability
  • Climate adaptation and resilience
  • Climate Education
  • Climate Change economics
  • R programming


MS, Earth Science-Geochemical Systems - University of New Hampshire
Durham, New Hampshire, 2013

BS, Environmental Science - University of New Hampshire
Durham, New Hampshire, 2011

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