About Ethan

Ethan joined CSU/CSFS in June, 2020, starting a position as the Academic Liaison and Experiential Learning Specialist. His research interests include understanding how to best augment our management to meet the challenges of climate change, invasive pest biology, and the intersection of silviculture and ecology. He spent 4 seasons working TSI, TSP and FHP with the Gunnison NF gaining valuable experience understanding native pest outbreaks and learning how to translate his theoretical education in his undergraduate degree towards applied management. He hopes to collaborate with land managers in the CSFS as well as stakeholder groups in implementing and designing innovative treatments that accomplish a litany of ecological goals, thereby helping increase forest resilience to climatic and biotic changes. His dissertation work focused on understanding abiotic stress tolerances of a native species of conifer, southwestern white pine. His master's thesis work revolved around understanding chemical biology of resistant and susceptible species of fir to the invasive insect balsam woolly adelgid. His education and professional experience have helped provide the context for the forest health triangle, and he hopes to continue working towards healthy Colorado forests.


PhD, Forest Science - Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ, 2020

MSc, Forest Science - North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC, 2015

BS, Natural Resources - The University of the South
Sewanee, TN, 2011