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My research involves understanding animal-habitat relationships, with an emphasis on conservation and wildlife ecology. I am interested in addressing the effects of energy development, land-use change, and climate change on conserving wildlife populations, their habitats, and the ecosystems they inhabit. I work across spatial scales, and use statistical and empirical modeling in my research. I work closely and in collaboration with the USGS Fort Collins Science Center. This unique position allows me to integrate my academic roles at the University, such as teaching and supervising graduate students, in an applied aspect, assisting USGS and other federal agencies with conservation and management of species and ecosystems.

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  • In general, I am interested in wildlife conservation and ecology. A focus is on shrub-steppe ecosystem ecology and the effects of energy developments on wildlife populations and habitats. I am interested in population demography, endangered species management, ornithology, mammalogy, invasive species management, wildlife-habitat ecology, and biological conservation. Almost all of my work involves aspects of ecological and statistical modeling at landscape and local scales.


Ph.D. , Ecology - University of Alberta
Edmonton Alberta, 2005

M.S. , Biology - University of Regina
Regina Saskatchewan, 2000

B.S., Ecology and Zoology - University of Calgary
Calgary Alberta, 1996

Awards, Honors, Grants

  • Most Publications Award- Department of Ecosytem Sciences and the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University, 2011
  • Martha Piper Award for Excellence in Communication, University of Alberta, 2005
  • National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2005


  • Society for Conservation Biology
  • The Wildlife Society
  • American Ornithologist's Union

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