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MS, Watershed Science - Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO, 2018

BA, Anthropology - University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI, 2006

Graduate & Advisor Program

Catherine Jarnevich

Jody Vogeler

Selected Publications

INHABIT: A web-based decision support tool for invasive plant species habitat visualization and assessment across the contiguous United States

  • Peder Engelstad, Catherine S. Jarnevich, Terri Hogan, Helen R. Sofaer, Ian S. Pearse, Jennifer L. Sieracki, Neil Frakes, Julia Sullivan, Nicholas E. Young, Janet S. Prevéy, Pairsa Belamaric, Jillian LaRoe,


climatchR: an R package for climate matching with high-throughput applications

useR! 2022, Virtual, June, 2022