About Wade

My research utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to advance inventory techniques and characterize ecosystem processes. Focusing on the challenges land managers face balancing multi-scale management objectives by advancing the use of biometrics, remote sensing, and quantitative models.

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  • Adaptive Resource Management
  • Experimental Design
  • Integrated Resource Management
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Quantitative Ecology
  • Remote Sensing
  • Spatial Ecology
  • Forest Biometry

Selected Publications

Assessment of user needs during the modernization of the Forest Vegetation Simulator

  • Tinkham, W
  • Nagel, L
  • Roske, M

Sensitivity of crown fire modeling to inventory parameter dubbing in FVS

  • Tinkham, W
  • Hoffman, C
  • Ex, S
  • Smith, A

Air quality policy and fire management responses addressing smoke from wildland fires in the United States and Australia

  • Hyde, J
  • Yedinak, K
  • Talhelm, A
  • Smith, A
  • Bowman, D
  • Johnston, F
  • Lahm, P
  • Fitch, M
  • Tinkham, W

Effects of fire radiative energy density dose on Pinus contorta and Larix occidentalis seedling physiology and mortality

  • Smith, A
  • Talhelm, A
  • Johnson, D
  • Kolden, C
  • Abatzoglou, J
  • Sparks, A
  • Yedinak, K
  • Lutz, J
  • Tinkham, W
  • Apostol, K
  • Adams, H
  • Pregitzer, K