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I am from Bolivia and originally trained as an agronomist within the agrarian systems and compared agriculture school of thought in France. Through academic research and work for NGOs, I have enriched my interests, lenses, and methods to approach questions of change and transformation of socioecological systems, particularly in rural and indigenous lands. I strive to find ways to bridge social and natural sciences, as well as quantitative and qualitative research methods, to explore questions around land tenure, land use change, livelihoods, food security and sovereignty, cross-scalar governance of natural resources, and territorial autonomy. The geographic focus of my work has mostly been the Andes-Amazon (and in particular, the intersalar region of the Bolivian Altiplano, and the Llanos de Moxos wetland complex in the Bolivian Amazon). My current research, conducted within a transdisciplinary team and approach, explores the impacts of land use change and climate change on livelihoods and ecosystem services in landscapes increasingly connected to global commodity chains. I am interested in further pursuing questions on the impacts of these rapid transformations on rural and indigenous communities in terms of land and natural resource governance systems, livelihood strategies, and territorially-specific conceptions of well-being and autonomy.

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  • Transformations and adaptations of land and natural resource governance systems in the face of globalization and climate change
  • Livelihood strategies, food security/ sovereignty, and multi-residency
  • Territorial multifunctionality and conceptions of autonomy
  • Mixed-methods and Q-method


Postdoc, The Natural Capital Project - Stanford University
Palo Alto, CA, 2021-2022

Ph.D., Interdisciplinary Ecology - University of Florida
Gainesville, FL, 2019

Graduate Certificate, Higher Education - Universidad Mayor de San Andrés
La Paz, Bolivia, 2018

M.S., Agricultural Development and Compared Agriculture - AgroParisTech
Paris, France, 2011

B.S., Agricultural Engineering - AgroParisTech and University of Sao Paulo (ESALQ)
Paris, France and Piracicaba, SP, Brazil, 2010-2011

Classe préparatoire, BCPST - Lycée Henri IV
Paris France, 2005-2007

Selected Publications

Participatory Action Research for Conservation and Development: Experiences from the Amazon

  • Perz, S., Arteaga, M., Baudoin Farah, A., Brown, F., Mendoza, E. R. H., Araújo Pereira de Paula, Y., Perales Yabar, L. M., dos Santos Pimentel, A., Ribeiro, S. C., Rioja Ballivián, G., Rosero Peña, M. C., Sanjinez, L. C. & Selaya, N. G. ,

Political ecology explanations for ineffective environmental governance for sustainability in the Amazon: A comparative analysis of cases from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, and Peru

  • Morales-Giner, P. & Speranza, M. & Arteaga, M. & Baudoin Farah, A. & Ferreira da Fonseca Junior, S. & García Villacorta, A. & Montero Álvarez, P. & Rosero Peña, M. & Perz, S. G.,

Desarrollo de capacidades en transformación de conflictos socioambientales. Teoría y práctica

  • Inturias, M., Baudoin Farah, A., Rodríguez, I. y Wershoven, J. (Eds),


  • Instituto Para el Desarrollo Rural de Sudamerica IPDRS
  • Grupo de Trabajo para los Llanos de Moxos
  • Instituto de Investigaciones Socio-Económicas IISEC - Universidad Católica Boliviana

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