About Yu

My research activities have been centered on developing science-based data-driven decision support tools for forestry and natural resource management using techniques in the operations research (OR) and management science realm including systems analysis, spatial optimization, and stochastic programming. I develop and implement OR models to integrate long-term economic, ecological and social considerations in forest and natural resource management. My research helps scientists, land managers, and natural resource professionals to configure long-term forest management plans, schedule vegetation management activities, mitigate fire risk, achieve watershed erosion and sediment control goals, dispatch wildland fire engines and crews for fire suppression, and quantify trade-off between multiple forest and natural resource management objectives. Those systems help improve the transparency and efficiency of natural resource management decision-making processes. I teach classes in quantitative analysis, forest management, GIS and ecosystem management.

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  • Landscape forest management
  • Wildland fire risk management
  • Spatial optimization
  • Watershed optimization
  • Habitat conservation
  • GIS Application
  • Machine learning


PhD, Natural Resources (Forestry) - University of Minnesota
Saint Paul/MN, 2004

MS, Computer and Information Science - University of Minnesota
Minneapolis/MN, 2003

MAg, Forest Economics and Management - Beijing Forestry University
Beijing, 1997

BAg, Forest Economics and Management - Hebei Agriculture University
Baoding, 1994

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