Warner College of Natural Resources Undergraduate Commencement Information

Friday, December 15  | 5:00pm  |  Moby Arena


All graduating students should meet at the Moby Auxiliary Gym in Regalia between 4:00-4:30pm.

Personal items should be left in your vehicle or brought in a clear bag. Bags will not be allowed in the ceremony and must be left in the Aux Gym.

Regalia online ordering will be available mid-September. The deadline to order for fall 2023 will be Tuesday, October 31. For questions concerning regalia, contact the Alumni Association: csualumni@colostate.edu.

Regalia will not be shipped to students. Regalia distribution is at Grad Fest at the Iris & Michael Smith Alumni Center. Photo ID is required for pick up.

GradFest Dates and Hours:

    • Thursday, Dec. 14; 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    • Friday, Dec. 15; 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Submit your photo for the pre-ceremony slideshow. Deadline for photos: December 6

The pre-ceremony slideshow will play on Moby’s Jumbotron as guests enter the arena. Each graduating student will have a custom slide. If you do not submit a photo, a photo of Cam the Ram will be included on your slide.

How do I sign up for Commencement? Do I need to attend a meeting/orientation in order to walk in Warner College’s commencement ceremony?

Warner College does NOT require students to sign-up or attend a meeting/orientation to participate in Commencement. The only requirements are that you wear the proper regalia and show up at Moby Aux Gym at the designated time.


Where/when do I get tickets for the ceremony? How many guests am I allowed to bring?

Warner College does NOT distribute tickets for our ceremony. You may bring as many guests as you’d like.


I’m a summer graduate. Which ceremony do I walk in?

Most summer graduates choose to walk in the Spring ceremony preceding their official graduation.  Summer graduate names are automatically included in the Spring commencement digital program. However, you can choose to walk in the Fall ceremony after you graduate if you’d prefer (however, your name will not be included in the Fall commencement digital program).


I’m graduating/have already graduated in a different semester. Can I walk in the upcoming ceremony?

Yes – you can participate in whichever semester’s ceremony you’d like. If you did not officially complete your degree requirements this semester, it will affect a few things:

  • You will not have a pre-printed name card at the ceremony check-in. You will need to fill out a blank name card.
  • Your name will not be included in the digital program during the ceremony. It will be included in the program for the semester you completed your degree requirements.


I missed the deadline to order regalia. What do I do?

You MUST have regalia in order to participate in commencement. The Alumni Association has limited regalia for sale during GradFest.


I have a question about my regalia. Who do I contact?

The Alumni Association handles regalia sales. Please check the regalia webpage for general information, then contact them if you have a specific question: (970) 491-6533 or (800) 286-2586 or email  csualumni@colostate.edu


How do I know if I qualified for Latin Distinction?

You should receive an email of eligibility approximately 11 weeks before commencement indicating that you officially qualified for Latin Distinction. If you qualify, your regalia order should automatically reflect this (gold gown, or green gown with gold cords if you are also in the Honors Program). Check Latin Distinction eligibility standards.


Where/how do I get a specific stole?

Jostens has a few official stoles for sale that you can order at the same time as your regalia. (CSU, First Generation, Honors Program, Military Service)

Other stoles will need to be obtained from the hosting organization (CSU Diversity offices, Greek organizations, etc).


I’m a double major in Warner and another college. What do I need to know about Commencement?

You can participate in one or both ceremonies. The information on this webpage only pertains to Warner College’s commencement ceremony. Please check with your other college about their ceremony specifics, including ticketing. Each college has a different colored tassel. When you order regalia, please indicate both colleges in the notes section.


If you have a specific question about Warner College’s Commencement ceremony that was not answered above, please email vicki.culbreth@colostate.edu.

You can find general CSU Commencement information here, including parking information, webcast links, and future commencement dates. 


CLEAR BAG POLICY – CSU follows a clear bag policy to enhance event security procedures for all events at Moby Arena. The purpose of the clear bag policy is to provide a safer environment for the public and expedite patron entry into Moby Arena. Please see this guide regarding approved items. All points of entry will be included in the new policy. There are no provisions to check items at each entry. Instead, patrons will be asked to either take prohibited items back to their vehicle or dispose of prohibited items at their respective entrance.

DIPLOMAS – Graduates will receive a complimentary diploma cover at the Commencement ceremony. The actual diploma(s) will be mailed to graduates six to eight weeks after the end of the semester. For those unable to attend the ceremony, diploma covers are available to pick up in person at the Registrar’s Office (at no charge). If you prefer to have a cover mailed, please visit the CSU Registrar’s Office website.

GRADUATE PHOTOS – GradImages is the official commencement photographer for our school. To purchase your official graduation photo from the ceremony, you MUST fill out the back of the name card during commencement check-in. Your information is never shared and privacy is guaranteed.

DECORUM – This ceremony is a very public event, reflecting upon you, your Department, your College, and the University. For this reason, we request that your behavior during the ceremony reflect the dignity and importance of this occasion for all of us. University administrators and members of the Board of Governors will participate in our ceremony. Alcoholic beverages or inappropriate substances or objects are not in keeping with the dignified nature of our commencement ceremony and are not permitted. Such items will be confiscated as you enter the line-up area. This ceremony is the capstone of the academic experience for you, other students, and families and friends. Your recognition of the rights of others to enjoy the ceremony free from disruptive or inappropriate behavior is appreciated.

Guest conduct restrictions
Prohibited items not allowed in Commencement and Commissioning venues include the following:
1.  Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs carried in by patrons.
2.  Glass bottles or metal cans.
3.  Ice chests or large coolers.
4.  Bota bags or wine skins.
5.  Sticks, bats or clubs, including any attachments.
6.  Fireworks, firearms or other weapons, or simulated weapons.
7.  Bullhorns or other artificial noisemakers.
8.  Framed backpacks.
9.  Animals other than certified guide dogs for the disabled.

MASKS ON CAMPUS – Beginning March 3, 2022 Colorado State University will no longer require masks to be worn in indoor areas on our Larimer County campuses. Wearing a mask will be a personal choice rather than a university requirement and we will respect everyone’s personal choice. For additional COVID-19 protocols please visit  https://covid.colostate.edu/.