About Niah

Niah Venable is an instructor of Watershed Science for the Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Department. She teaches large enrollment Earth science-based classroom courses, and field courses including Watershed Science (Measurements) at the CSU Mountain Campus and the annual Watershed Practicum. She is also a research scientist for the Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory with interests in hydroclimatologic variability and change. Niah received her Earth Sciences PhD from Colorado State University in Watershed Science in 2016. Her dissertation research focused on hydroclimatic change in the Khangai Mountain region of Mongolia over the last few decades using meteorological and streamflow data, and over the last few centuries using tree-ring data. Her other degrees are in Hydrogeology (M.S. Earth Science, Western Michigan University) and Forestry (B.S. Forestry, Geology minor, Oklahoma State University). After completing her doctoral degree, she worked for the Colorado State Forest Service on a postdoctoral project for the Colorado Water Conservation Board and Colorado Legislature culminating in a report entitled, "Forest Management to Protect Colorado’s Water Resources: A Synthesis Report to Support House Bill 16-255."