About Lise

I am a population ecologist interested in quantifying the impacts of anthropogenic change on the ecology, demography, and microevolution of wild species with implications for their conservation and management.

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  • Birds
  • Capture-Mark-Recapture Methods
  • Climate Change
  • Conservation Biology
  • Ecology
  • Evolutionary Ecology
  • Habitat Fragmentation
  • Human-Wildlife Conflict
  • Mammals
  • Population Dynamics
  • Quantitative Ecology
  • Reptiles
  • Wildlife Management
  • Life History Evolution

Selected Publications

Interacting effects of unobserved heterogeneity and individual stochasticity in the life-history of the Southern fulmar.

  • Jenouvrier, S
  • Aubry, L
  • Barbraud, C
  • Weimerskirch, H
  • Caswell, H

Recreational harvest and incident-response management reduce human–carnivore conflicts in an anthropogenic landscape

  • Raithel, J
  • Reynolds-Hogland, M
  • Koons, D
  • Carr, P
  • Aubry, L

Why Does the Regulated Harvest of Black Bears Affect the Rate of Human-Bear Conflicts in New Jersey?

  • Raithel, J
  • Reynolds-Hogland, M
  • Carr, P
  • Aubry, L

Wolf in sheep’s clothing: Model misspecification undermines tests of the neutral theory for life histories

  • Authier, M
  • Aubry, L
  • Cam, E

Evaluation of harvest indices for monitoring cougar survival and abundance

  • Wolfe, M
  • Gese, E
  • Terletzky, P
  • Stoner, D
  • Aubry, L