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I am a population ecologist interested in quantifying the impacts of anthropogenic factors (climate change, habitat fragmentation) on the ecology, demography, and microevolution of wild species (mainly vertebrates). How wild populations respond to management actions (e.g. harvest) and conservation practices is also a topic of great interest. My research calls for the analyses of longitudinal data and methodologies that stem from demography, population ecology, and life history theory.

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  • Demography
  • Population Ecology
  • Life History Evolution
  • Conservation Biology
  • Wildlife Management
  • Human-Wildlife Conflicts
  • Climate Change
  • Habitat Degradation.


PhD, Demography - Max Planck Institute
Rostock, Germany, 2009

MS, Ecology, Evolution, and biodiversity - University Paul Sabatier
Toulouse, France, 2005

BS, Biology - University Paul Sabatier
Toulouse, France, 2003

Selected Publications

Evaluation of harvest indices for monitoring cougar survival and abundance

  • Wolfe, M., Gese, E., Terletzky, P.Stoner, D., & Aubry, L.,

Is Anthropogenic Mortality Additive to Natural Mortality in Cougar? Learning from Longitudinal Studies of Heavily and Lightly Harvested Populations

  • Wolfe M., Koons D.N., Stoner D., Terletzky P., Gese E., Choate D. and L.M. Aubry*,

Why Does the Regulated Harvest of Black Bears Affect the Rate of Human-Bear Conflicts in New Jersey?

  • Raithel, J., Reynolds-Hogland, M.Carr, P., & Aubry, L.,

Recreational harvest and incident-response management reduce human–carnivore conflicts in an anthropogenic landscape

  • Raithel, J., Reynolds-Hogland, M., Koons, D.Carr, P., & Aubry, L.,

Methods for Studying Cause-Specific Senescence in the Wild

  • Koons D.N., Gamelon M., Gaillard J.M., Aubry L.M., Rockwell R.F., and O. Gimenez,

Effects of exploitation on a native invasive species: the lesser snow goose dilemma

  • Journal of Animal Ecology, 83(2): 365-374,

Interacting effects of unobserved heterogeneity and individual stochasticity in the life-history of the Southern fulmar.

  • Jenouvrier, S., Aubry, L., Barbraud, C.Weimerskirch, H., & Caswell, H.,

Winter space use of coyotes in high-elevation environments: behavioral adaptation to deep snow.

  • Dowd J.B., Gese E. and L.M. Aubry,

The Conundrum of heterogeneity in life histories.

  • Cam E., Aubry L.M.*, and M. Authier,

Wolf in sheep’s clothing: Model misspecification undermines tests of the neutral theory for life histories

  • Authier, M., Aubry, L., & Cam, E.,

Climate change, phenology and habitat degradation: drivers of gosling body condition and juvenile survival in lesser snow geese

  • Aubry L.M., Rockwell R.F., Cooch E.G., Brook R., Mulder C., and D.N. Koons,


  • World Seabird Union
  • Evolutionary Biodemography
  • British Ecological Society
  • Ecological Society of America

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