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Our Mission

To celebrate the international diversity of WCNR, and build connections, learning, and engagement with our international community among students, staff and faculty.

Our Vision

The Warner College of Natural Resources is a world leader in education, research, and engagement for international students, scholars and faculty.


Providing a welcoming, safe, enriching and supportive environment to study, work and live.


Engaging educational, professional and personal support throughout our large college network.


Making connections with the unique backgrounds and lived experiences of all our college members.

Finding the Positive

During COVID-19

Vincent Ontita

Graduate Student

Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

My name is Vincent Ontita, from Nairobi, Kenya. I am pursuing a master’s degree in Conservation Leadership. Throughout my stay here, I have had numerous experiences, both positive and negative, that have enabled me to adjust to my new environment. CSU has supported me through my journey here since the start of my program.

My cohort has also been very welcoming. They make me feel at home despite the challenges that I have been experiencing. The presence of snow and the cold climate was a significant threat to my health, in comparison to climatic conditions I was used to in Kenya. As an international student, I can attest it is not easy trying to concentrate and give your best during this COVID-19  pandemic. Having a support system and people to look up to goes a long way in feeling accommodated and part of the community.

Learning the cultural practices and societal patterns here has exposed me to new thoughts and experiences which I will forever cherish. The support I have received from my roommates has contributed significantly to my wellbeing, thus enabling me to hone in on the skills and abilities that will allow me to grow in my profession. Even though the main aim of enrolling at Colorado State University was to achieve my academic goals, I have participated in marches and other events. I have been fortunate enough to be at the forefront of fighting for the protection of wildlife and the mitigation of human-wildlife conflict.

It has been close to nine months since I set foot in Colorado, and the experience so far has been exceptional. From attending lectures in class to cycling to playing with snow, Colorado State University has been a home away from home experience.


Seeking International Student Representatives

The International Affairs Committee is seeking one undergraduate student to join the committee. Help college faculty and staff accomplish our mission to provide unique experiences for and build connections with our Warner College international members.

E-mail us if you would like to join the committee! We want to hear your voice.

Stacy Lynn
Committee Chair

Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Natural Resource Ecology Lab

David Knight
Committee Co-Chair

Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Warner College Director of Diversity and Inclusion Rickey Frierson

Rickey Frierson

Warner College of Natural Resources

Ryan Finchum

Center for Protected Areas Management

Joel Berger

Joel Berger

Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

Erin Hicks

Center for Protected Areas Management

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Sarah King

Natural Resource Ecology Lab

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Jack Capp

Warner College of Natural Resources

Sean Gallen

Department of Geosciences

Wen Zhang

Department of Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

John Moore

Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability
Natural Resource Ecology Lab