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  • The application of ecological research to the management and protection of endangered mammals and their ecosystems.


Ph.D., Environmental Science, Policy, and Management - U. C. Berkeley
Berkeley, CA, 2005

Selected Publications

Fission-fusion processes weaken dominance networks of female Asian elephants in a productive habitat

  • de Silva, Shermin, .Schmid, V., & Wittemyer, G.,

Graph theory illustrates spatial and temporal features that structure elephant rest locations and reflect risk perception

  • Wittemyer, G., Keating, L.Vollrath, F., & Douglas-Hamilton, I.,

Slow intrinsic growth rate in forest elephants indicates recovery from poaching will require decades

  • Turkalo, A.Wrege, P., & Wittemyer, G.,

A synthesis of two decades of research documenting the effects of noise on wildlife

  • Shannon, G., McKenna, M., Angeloni, L., Crooks, K., Fristrup, K., Brown, E.,... Wittemyer, G.,

Noise pollution is pervasive in US protected areas

  • Buxton, R., McKenna, M., Mennitt, D., Fristrup, K., Crooks, K.Angeloni, L., & Wittemyer, G.,