• conservation biology, wildlife ecology

Selected Publications

A synthesis of two decades of research documenting the effects of noise on wildlife

  • Shannon, G., McKenna, M., Angeloni, L., Crooks, K., Fristrup, K., Brown, E.,... Wittemyer, G.,

Road noise causes earlier predator detection and flight response in a free-ranging mammal

  • Shannon, G., Crooks, K., Wittemyer, G.Fristrup, K., & Angeloni, L.,

Road traffic noise modifies behaviour of a keystone species

  • Shannon, G., Angeloni, L., Wittemyer, G.Fristrup, K., & Crooks, K.,

Noise pollution is pervasive in US protected areas

  • Buxton, R., McKenna, M., Mennitt, D., Fristrup, K., Crooks, K.Angeloni, L., & Wittemyer, G.,