American Fisheries Society

Meets: Every Thursday - 5:30pm @ Wagar 133

The Colorado State University Student Sub-Unit of the American Fisheries Society is a nonprofit, student run organization.


The Colorado State University Chapter of SEEDS (Strategies for Ecology Education, Diversity, and Sustainability) is committed to enhancing ecology education, especially for underrepresented minorities.

Bass Fishing Club (CSU Bass Team)

The Colorado State University Bass Fishing Team fishes the FLW College Series Southern Division tournaments. We are also dedicated to conservation and sportsmanship in bass fishing.

College Council

Meets: Wednesdays - 5:00 pm @ NR100

College Council programs events for WCNR, fosters community in the college and represents Warner College students on an administrative and university level

Society for Ecological Restoration Student Guild

The Society for Ecological Restoration CSU Student Guild is an official student chapter of the Society for Ecological Restoration International (SER).Kick off the Fall semester right by joining the Restoration Ecology club!

Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Club

The Ecosystem Science & Sustainability (ESS) Club aims to unite students who are passionate about sustainability.The Watershed Club strives to provide social activities and interests in the field of Watershed Science to our participants.

CSU Geosciences Club

Join the Colorado State University Geosciences Club! Consisting of majors and non-majors, each member shares a common interest in geosciences.Membership is open to all CSU students, and no membership dues are required. If you are interested in seeing and learning about local geology, this club is for you!

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANNRS)

MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences) is a national society that welcomes membership of people of all racial and ethnic group participation in agricultural and related sciences careers.

Rangeland Ecology Club

Meets: Tuesday - 5:15pm @ NR 201

Rangeland Ecology Club is composed of individuals with a common interest in the study, management, and rational use of rangelands.Rangeland Ecology is an exciting and rewarding undergraduate degree program at CSU which prepares students for a wide variety of natural resource professions.

Society of American Foresters

Meets: Thursday - 5:30 pm @ Forestry 127

We seek to provide students with an extension of their education outside the classroom through experiential learning, networking opportunities with professionals both locally and nationally, and the chance to socialize among peers with a shared passion for the field of forestry.

Society of Women Environmental Professionals

Society of Women Environmental Professionals is devoted to women involved in environmental fields. Society of Women Environmental Professionals(SWEP) organizes networking events and fosters relationships between students & professionals.

Student Association for Fire Ecology (SAFE)

Meets: Last Wednesday of each month - 5 pm

SAFE provides students from diverse backgrounds an open forum on fire ecology through which research can be shared, networks formed, and funding and information resources can be accessed.

Society for Conservation Biology

We aim to bring together many different disciplines so that we can truly make a difference in conservation. By educating as many people as possible, and making links through all the different areas of study we can be a powerful force for conservation.

Student Firefighter Association

Meets: Wednesday - 5pm @ Forestry 212

The Colorado State University's Student Firefighter Association (SFA), is an association comprised of active, past, and aspiring wildland firefighters, students, professors and researchers.

The Wildlife Society

Meets: Tuesday (every other week) - 6 pm @ Wagar 231

The Colorado State University Student Chapter provides hands-on learning, professional speakers, and volunteering opportunities, to cultivate academic, social and career interests in wildlife management.

Watershed Club

Meets: Monday (Bi-weekly) - 4:30 pm @ NR 100

Watershed Club provides opportunities and experience in leadership, networking, volunteering, and collaboration. Past events have been documentary film viewings, restoration projects, Poudre Canyon highway clean-ups , fundraisers, and many others to come.

CSU Tourism Association

Meets: Tuesday - 5pm @ Forestry 217

The association revolves around networking, bringing in guest speakers, attending conferences and tourism related events, and also participating in fundraising and philanthropic efforts.

Xi Sigma Pi

Meets: Thursday - 5.00pm @ 127 Forestry

Xi Sigma Pi is an international honors society for students in forestry and natural resources fields. Members must first be nominated on merit and complete an initiation process in order to be considered full members of the society.

CSU Field Ornithologists

This organization aims to share an appreciation and understanding of local birding, avian ecology, and avian conservation issues.