Seminar Content

The online seminar provides an overview of foundational concepts for understanding gender equality in the conservation field. Furthermore, the seminar explores fundamental leadership frameworks. Finally, it explores two opportunistic areas for making a positive impact in regards to mainstreaming gender in the conservation field:  the organizational level and the project level.

The module themes and lesson topics are below:

Module 1: Introduction to Gender Equality in Conservation

    • Lesson 1: Gender as a social construct
    • Lesson 2: Towards gender equality in conservation and beyond
    • Lesson 3: Perspectives of gender and the environment
    • Lesson 4: Gender violence in conservation

Module 2: Defining Leadership

    • Lesson 1: Defining leadership and leadership frameworks
    • Lesson 2: Self-leadership
    • Lesson 3: Leadership and gender
    • Lesson 4: Creating change

Module 3: Inclusion, Diversity and Equality in Environmental Organizations

    • Lesson 1: Overview of organizational domains 
    • Lesson 2: Tool for mapping gender inequality in environmental organizations
    • Lesson 3: Developing strategic pathways and policies
    • Lesson 4: Team management practices for building a culture of inclusion, diversity, and equity
    • Lesson 5: Monitoring and reporting gender equality in organizations.

Module 4: Mainstreaming Gender in Conservation Projects

    • Lesson 1: Introduction of gender mainstreaming in a project cycle
    • Lesson 2: Tools for gender analysis in conservation projects
    • Lesson 3: Practices for project implementation in conservation projects
    • Lesson 4: Monitoring gender and women empowerment in conservation projects