Behind the Masks: Uncovering Assumptions, Biases and Stereotypes

Diversity and Inclusion in Natural Resources

October recognizes Global Diversity Awareness Month & National Disability Employment Awareness Month

September/October– Hispanic Heritage Month Click Here

October 2nd– International Day of Nonviolence  Click Here

October 4th-10th– National Diversity Week  Click Here

October 12th- Indigenous People’s Day Click Here

October 15th- International Day of Rural Women Click Here

October 16th- World Food Day Click Here

October 19th- Multicultural Diversity Day Click Here

In Response and Standing in Solidarity

Warner College joins Colorado State University in its stance on the current national crises and stands in solidarity with all those impacted by these national tragedies.

President McConnell’s Response

Warner College Response – R.A.M.S: Representing All Minorities in Solidarity

Office of Vice President for Diversity Statement

Latinx Heritiage events - details listed in calendar below