Welcome to the Ongoing Sustainable Tourism Community of Learning and Practice!

This page is where you can find all events and resources related to the Ongoing Sustainable Tourism Community.


This community is a space that we have created for the past participants of the Sustainable Tourism community of learning and practice program & the Sustainable Tourism seminar.  Our idea with this community to continue to provide opportunities for mutual learning, collaboration, and impact.  To broaden the reach of this community, we will make the community events open to anyone.  We want to continue to inspire our collective work and remind ourselves that are connected in this work all across the globe.


This means you do not need to have been a past participant of one of our Sustainable Tourism programs in order to participate in these events. These events and resources can be shared with anyone, and we encourage you to invite your collaborators and partners to get involved.

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For past participants of the Sustainable Tourism seminar:


If you would like to be featured in any of these events, such as a webinar or a podcast episode, please contact us and share your ideas.


Here are the topics of most interest identified by the current cohort of the community: