About the Seminar

This online seminar, offered in English, is an intensive 32 hour – four module online training program that brings together women from various parts of the world who are in the middle of their professional career and are in a position to achieve a considerable positive impact in fields such as biodiversity conservation, forest management, protected area management, climate change, and sustainable development, in their communities and globally. It is organized by Colorado State University’s Center for Protected Area Management and was developed in collaboration with the United States Forest Service’s International Programs, and researchers from Colorado State University, among others.

While more women are leading programs and organizations with large-scale processes, the social context in many countries and in the work environment has not necessarily changed. Women continue to face discrimination, are seen as less credible than their male counterparts, face unequal working conditions and harassment, and generally encounter greater challenges when advancing in their careers. This online seminar is part of a larger program designed and led by Colorado State University’s Center for Protected Area Management that addresses women’s leadership in conservation. The program responds to the current challenge of reducing gender inequality in the workplace and empowering women from various sectors who are acting as catalysts for change in the environmental field. It also responds to the increased number of professionals in the field of natural resource management in developing countries, who work as managers of protected areas, scientists, educators, communicators, policy or technical experts, among others.

This online seminar is designed to be taken alone or as an introductory seminar to the in-person version offered in Colorado and Washington D.C. It is largely asynchronous, allowing participants to complete the content on their own schedule during the different seminar weeks.  The asynchronous learning will be completed by live sessions with the seminar team.  The seminar will provide practical professional tools for women conservation professionals to further develop their leadership skills in order to improve gender equality and  influence positive change in the conservation career, all while continuing to advance their own careers. In addition, participants will acquire tools to improve their ability to lead effective teams and institutions as well as achieve successful conservation results.

After taking this online seminar, participants will be able to: 

  1. Apply a solid foundation on gender theory and practice in conservation.
  2. Develop their leadership skills.
  3. Articulate the common gender biases affecting leadership.
  4. Utilize practical tools for organizational and individual change regarding gender equity.
  5. Design strategies to mainstream gender approach and practices in conservation projects
  6. Participate in community of practice in gender equality in conservation, through seminar contacts and engaging in live discussions and exchanges.