Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I apply to the seminar and what should my application include?

Visit the “How to Apply” page for a description of how to apply to the seminar. Click on “Apply Here” and you will be redirected to the online application. The online application form has four pages in total. Please fill out all required information (marked with a ‘*’) in a complete manner.

To finalize your application, you must upload the following information during the last step of the online application:

  1. Your summarized curriculum vitae (no more than 2 pages in Word or PDF format

2. When is the deadline to apply for the 2022 seminar?

The deadline to receive completed applications is August 5, 2022. All the information requested on the online form is required to finalize your application. You must submit your curriculum vitae with your online application in order to be considered for the selection process.

3. When will applicants be informed regarding the results of the selection process?

Candidates will be notified as soon as possible after the application deadline. Depending on the number of applications, this process can take 2 weeks or more. Once the selection is complete, all candidates will receive a letter or email from the course organizers.  We hope to have the selection process completed by the end of the second week of August. 

4. How much does the seminar cost?

The seminar registration fee is USD $1,500 and includes: tuition, access to the online learning platform Thinkific and all seminar content, five live virtual meetings with the seminar cohort and instructors, access to communication and support with seminar instructors, and a digital certificate of completion upon fulfilling the seminar requirements from Colorado State University’s Center for Protected Area Management.

5. I was provisionally admitted, but I still don’t have funding. Does Colorado State University offer scholarships for the course?

Provisional admission is to help participants in their search for financial support. Many donors require grant applicants to already have provisional acceptance before approving financial support. Colorado State University does not manage or offer scholarships for the seminar. The search for funding is the responsibility of each individual participant and their organization. It is important to initiate the search for funding at the time of application, both looking at sources in your country and abroad. The US Forest Service, the US National Parks Service, and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) generally tend to support several candidates Latin American, African, and Asian countries, so it is a good idea to consult with representatives of these institutions in your countries if they have a physical presence or active projects. An additional important source of funds for candidates from selected countries is World Wildlife Fund’s Education for Nature Professional Development Scholarship Program (

Depending on the country, region and institution where the applicant works, several institutions may offer funding opportunities, including organizations of the United Nations (FAO, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO World Heritage), the Ramsar Convention, ITTO, and foundations and national and international conservation NGOs (such as IUCN, TNC, CI, FFI, WCS, SNV, CARE, Panthera, the Moore Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, etc.). Candidates can also contact the embassies of developed countries and offices of bilateral donors such as GIZ, DFID, the Nordic countries, the Netherlands and others, as well as national offices of agencies such as the World Bank, ITTO, OAS, IDB, Asian and African development banks, GEF and the European Union.

A good source of information on potential funding opportunities is Terra Viva Grants (

6. I found a sponsor. How can I or my sponsor make payment for the seminar?

If you have funding from a sponsor, please send an email with a letter from your sponsor confirming your funding at

The best payment method is by electronic bank transfer. Payments have to be in US dollars. If you or your institution is responsible for payment, the deadline to send full payment is August 19, 2022 by the end of the business day to guarantee your space in the seminar. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the loss of your space in the seminar due to late payments. If cancellation is made before August 22, 2022, the amount paid minus a US $250 administration fee will be refunded. The last day to cancel August 26, 2022. In case of a cancellation later than August 26, 2022, a refund cannot be guaranteed.  

The information to make the transfer is as follows: 

The form must indicate that the transfer is for “Women’s Leadership Seminar – notify Ryan Finchum, WCNR,” and include the name of the participant, so that the funds can be easily tracked in our system. It is also important to send a copy of the bank wire receipt to


If the transfer comes from a bank in the United States, the information to make the wire transfer is as follows: 

Send the wire transfer to:

First National Bank of Omaha (205 W. Oak Ft. Collins, CO 80521)

ABA # 107000262 (routing number), CSU account number # 90544

If the draft is from a bank outside the United States, the instructions are as follows: 

Send the money order to:

1)  Receiving Bank: First National Bank of Omaha Fort Collins, CO 80521


2)  Beneficiary/Account Name : Colorado State University

Account number: 90544    Routing number:  107000262

3) Please add a note indicating “Enrollment (name of candidate) Leadership Seminar for Women in Conservation”

7. When is the deadline to pay for the seminar?

The total payment of USD $ 1,500 must be completed before the closing of CSU offices on August 19, 2022 in order to guarantee the participant’s space in the seminar. If payment is not made by the deadline, it is possible that you could lose your space to another applicant on the waiting list.  If you have funding guaranteed but need a few extra days to make payment, please reach out to us and we will do everything we can to work with you.

8. Can I or my donor get a refund after paying if I cannot participate for any reason?

In case of cancellation requests before August 22, 2022, the amount paid minus US $250 will be refunded. The last day to cancel August 26, 2022. In case of a cancellation later than August 26, 2022, a refund cannot be guaranteed.     

9. Can I participate in the seminar without knowing English?

The official language of the seminar is English. All materials, readings, lectures, discussions, videos and other activities will be conducted in that language. You must be capable of understanding lectures and communicating in English. 

10. What type of certification do participants get when they complete the seminar?

All participants receive a digital certificate of participation from Colorado State University stipulating the number of days and hours of instruction. This certificate is signed by all seminar instructors and bears the Colorado State University logo and the logo of the Center for Protected Area Management. This certificate does not count as official university credit.

11. Who are the other participants?

The online seminar has been planned for mid-career women conservation leaders around the world who occupy leadership positions in natural resource management. The seminar is open to all women regardless of their age and experience level including:

  • Women working in public institutions in sectors such as forestry, climate change, protected areas, and those who are leaders of a department, a national project, or a program unit.
  • Executive directors of NGOs and grassroots organizations
  • Project and program coordinators
  • Field technicians and managers responsible for coordinating teams
  • Leaders of community organizations
  • Indigenous women leading environmental groups or programs
  • Women developing public campaigns and organizing social movements
  • Congressional representatives in environmental committees
  • Environmental advisors of congressional representatives
  • Scientists running environmental projects or programs
  • Chief rangers overseeing a group of rangers

12. Do I have to do preparatory work for the seminar?

If you are accepted to the online seminar, a few weeks prior to the start of the online seminar, you will  be required to follow instructions emailed to you by the seminar team to set up your user account in our virtual learning platform, Thinkific. This will include creating a visible profile with your name, photo, and biography. By doing so, all participants will be able to familiarize themselves with their colleagues in the seminar cohort. 

13. Is it possible apply for the seminar without having secured financing?

Yes, you can apply for the seminar without secured funding. However, you should continue to look for funding. Please write with an update regarding the status of your funding. If you secure funding, please email us with a letter from your sponsor confirming the amount of funding that they will be providing you.