The Center for Protected Area Management (CPAM) works with protected area agencies and non-profit organizations to create internship opportunities for students. Because CPAM is based in a large land-grant university in one of the largest colleges of natural resources in the world, we are well positioned to be able to promote and recruit top student talent for internship positions. In addition to Colorado State University students, we are able to recruit students from a half dozen additional Universities located along the Colorado Front Range and in Wyoming.

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For more information on the 2022 Rocky Mountain National Park Internship Program, please refer to the detailed internship position flyer and application instructions below: 

How to Apply

In order to apply for internship positions, interested applicants need to fill out our application form which can be found on this page.  Our summer 2022 program position has already been filled, but check back in early 2023 to see future opportunities and find applications here.

Through the on-line application form, you will be able provide us with basic information, respond to specific questions about the internship, and upload 2 additional documents that are required to apply: (1) a resume (max 2 pages) and (2) a reference letter from a professor or previous employer.  More specifics on application requirements can be found here when future internship positions become available.




Reach out to our team via email.

Rocky Mountain National Park Internship Program: Summer 2018 Alumni

The Center for Protected Area Management offered 3 internship positions at Rocky Mountain National Park for the 2018 season. Three students, Tyrus McLachlan, Andrew Sampson, and Joe Sarr, from the Colorado State University departments of Watershed Science, Ecosystem Science and Sustainability, and History, formed the second cohort serving as Forestry, Backcountry, and Museum Specialist interns for the park.

Tyrus McLachlan, 2018 Forestry Intern
Andrew Sampson, 2018 Backcountry Intern
Joe Sarr, 2018 Museum Speacialist Intern