Humans Need Nature.  Nature Needs Protection.

Protected areas serve as a critical conservation tool for protecting nature and biodiversity.  Humans also depend on intact ecosystems and benefit from the environmental services they provide.  Guaranteeing the effective use and management of protected areas will ensure that all future generations will be able to enjoy the benefits they provide.

Protected areas require adept, well-trained personnel and strong partnerships to deal with many challenges including lack of funding, undertrained personnel and personnel shortages, and an ever-increasing list of traditional and emerging transboundary threats such as climate change, illegal resource extraction, encroachment, and poaching.

One of our primary goals is to build shared hope for achieving a sustainable future. We will not achieve a resilient and sustainable future, a future that will allow succeeding generations to thrive, if we cannot envision it.  Through our capacity building programs, the development of new tools for action, and the establishment of communities of practice around the world, we help build technical abilities, grow confidence to take action, and strengthen hope for the future.

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