Logistical Information


The seminar tuition fee is USD $ 1,500 and includes: tuition, access to all seminar content through our learning platform, five live virtual meetings with the seminar cohort and instructors, access to communication with seminar instructors, and a certificate of completion upon fulfilling the seminar requirements.


For the application for admission, please follow the instructions here.


Participants will be notified as soon as possible after the application deadline. Depending on the number of applications received, this process can take 2 to 4 weeks. Once the selection process is complete, all applicants will receive an official letter or email from the seminar organizers.


In most cases, the participant or donor/agency will be responsible for sending us payment for the seminar’s tuition through wire transfer. In some cases donors also can make payment directly to our university (for example, CI, WWF, US Forest Service, US National Park Service). If you or your institution is responsible for payment, the deadline to send full payment is August 19, 2022 by the end of the business day to guarantee your space in the seminar. Unfortunately, we cannot be responsible for the loss of your space in the seminar due to late payments. If cancellation is made before August 22, 2022, the amount paid minus a US $250 administration fee will be refunded. The last day to cancel August 26, 2022. In case of a cancellation later than August 26, 2022, a refund cannot be guaranteed.  


The information to make the wire transfer is as follows: 

The best method of payment is by electronic bank transfer. Payments must be in US dollars.

The wire transport form should indicate that the transfer is for “Women’s Leadership Seminar – notify Ryan Finchum, WCNR, Ryan.Finchum@colostate.edu,” have your name noted as well so that funds are not lost en route. It is also important to send a copy of the bank wire receipt to protectedareas@colostate.edu.

If the transfer comes from a bank in the United States, the information for the wire transfer is:

Send funds to:

First National Bank of Omaha (205 W. Oak Ft. Collins, CO 80521)

ABA # 107000262 (routing number)

CSU Account Number # 90544

If the transfer is from a bank outside the United States, the instructions are:

Send funds to:

First National Bank of Omaha

Fort Collins, CO 80521



Colorado State University

Account number: 90544

For any questions about the process for making the transfer, your bank or institution can contact the Colorado State University receiving office: Phone: (970) 491-7131 Email: BFS_Bursar@mail.colostate.edu

If you cannot make the payment in this way please contact us  at protectedareas@colostate.edu to discuss alternatives. You can also make payment through credit cards and debit cards; if you prefer this alternative please inform us at protectedareas@colostate.edu so we can send detailed instructions on how to make payment, which must be by phone and during days and hours when CSU business offices are open. However, our preference is for payment by bank transfer or check.



Being able to access this virtual seminar requires a stable and reliable internet connection. The seminar is best accessed from a laptop or desktop computer.  For the live virtual sessions, we recommend that you have a computer with a decent camera, microphone and speakers.  Headsets with a microphone are recommended, but not required.  You will need Zoom version 5.4.2 or higher (download Zoom here). For the learning platform Thinkific, you will be invited to register as a participant and will need to use one of the following internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safaria, or Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer does not work for this online seminar. For some of the virtual seminar assignments, you will have the option to do a short video recording. For video recordings, please record via Zoom or another virtual meeting software, or using a HORIZONTALLY held smartphone. Please try to record between 720 and 1080 pixels.