Technical Collaboration

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The Center for Protected Area (CPAM) works alongside our partners to develop short- and medium-term projects that help build the institutional capacity of protected area agencies, non-profit conservation organizations, universities, and local communities.  Our work has included assessments, project evaluation, workshops, staff seminars, focus groups, project evaluations, preparation of interpretive materials, conflict resolution processes, preparation of teaching and training materials, infrastructure design, preparation of environmental education programs, and site-specific problem-solving support.

A few examples of how we support protected areas and conservation organization are listed below:

Capacity Building Needs Assessment

We can provide support by conducting needs assessments for capacity building at a specific protected area or for an entire system of protected areas.


Capacity Building Program Design

We can work collaboratively to help design short-, medium-, or long-term capacity building programs at varying scales.


Project and Program Evaluation

Need an outside evaluator for your project?  Our team has experience in evaluating projects ranging from small, one-off courses to multi-year, multi-million dollar programs.


Support for Plan Development

We prefer not to be contracted as outside consultants to develop management and public use plans.  That said, we have worked in over a dozen countries to collaborate in the development of site-specific plans.


Interpretive Planning and Exhibit Development

We can help you design an overall interpretive plan for your site and then provide support in the implementation of interpretive trails, exhibits, and visitor centers.


Small Grants Programs

Our staff has experience running small grants programs for conservation and protected areas.  In these programs, we distribute funding to organizations based on a transparent application and selection process and then provide oversight and follow-up to make sure the funds were spent correctly.   We also analyze the impacts of the funds distributed.

Public use planning a Camino de Cruces National Park, Panama.

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Developing the Terra Rica Interpretive Trail, Brazil.