Customized Courses

The Center conducts on-site training sessions in a wide range of topic areas for government agencies, NGO staff, university students, community leaders, indigenous communities, and others involved in conservation and protected area management. Over the past 20 years we have collaborated with over 100 partner organizations in more than 50 countries that has resulted in training for over 2000 professionals.  Training courses are developed based on the training needs of each organization or protected area agency.

a group of people doing a trust exercise game in a forest

In these trainings, we have covered topics such as visitor management and ecotourism, field measurements, monitoring of impacts, community outreach, public participation, protected area master planning, land navigation and patrolling, search and rescue techniques, environmental interpretation, development of trails and other infrastructure, conservation leadership, and conservation finance.

If you have an idea for a customized course, reach out to us and let us know.