Seminar Design and Methodology

This online seminar is offered by a multidisciplinary team of experts with over 70 years of combined experience. The seminar offers a review of conceptual frameworks of gender in conservation, women in leadership, gender equality in organizations, and practical tools for mainstreaming gender in conservation projects. Asynchronous online sessions will provide participants with an opportunity to analyze global case studies and explore frameworks by watching instructor videos, reviewing presentations by conservation experts from around the world, and gaining insight from interviews by professionals in the field. Participants will acquire practical tools that can be downloaded and utilized in a professional setting. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to dialogue and exchange experiences with seminar professors and cohort colleagues both within our learning platform and during 90-minute live sessions each week. 

The seminar is oriented around the development of skills, exchange of experiences, and the growth of knowledge through Constructivism Learning Theory. Participants will engage in inquiry-based, active learning, in which learners individually construct knowledge based on their past and present experiences. Furthermore, the online seminar is designed to be interactive and requires participant engagement. Through active engagement, participants will encounter contacts and connections with existing women’s networks and professional exchanges with other participants.

This online seminar is designed to be taken alone or as an introductory seminar to the in-person version offered in Colorado and Washington D.C. by the Center for Protected Area Management. It serves as a foundation to our in-person experience which is offered each year.  Information about our most recent version of our in-person seminar in Spanish can be found here.  Information about our English in-person seminar will be available soon.