How to Apply

Follow the steps below to submit your online application to the seminar. The application deadline for the online seminar is August 20, 2020.


Fill out our on-line application form.

Regardless of applications prior to any of our training courses or seminars, you must formally request admission to the 2021 online seminar by filling out and submitting the application form through our online system. The application has 4 pages and is located HERE. Please make sure you have filled out all possible information on the form. The information marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed in order to submit the form.

TIPS FOR SLOW CONNECTIONS:  For slow connections, be sure to periodically save your progress while filling out the application. Select “Save” at the bottom right of the online form. You will be asked to enter your email, and a link to your saved application will be sent to you by email. This way you may continue at another time without losing any of the data you have already entered.

ATTENTION:  If you have problems with our online system, please contact


To finalize your application, you must upload the following information during the last step on page 4 of the online application:

  1. Your summarized curriculum vitae (no more than 2 pages in Word or PDF format)


Search for funding: 

If you do not have funding to participate in the seminar, you will be responsible for seeking opportunities to support your participation in the seminar. Colorado State University does not directly manage scholarships for the seminar. It is recommended that candidates seek financing from national and international sources. A source of funds for candidates from certain countries is the WWF Education for Nature Education Scholarship Program. Depending on the country, region and institution where the applicant works, several entities may offer financing opportunities, including United Nations organizations (FAO, UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO / World Heritage), the Ramsar Convention, and National and international conservation foundations and non-governmental organizations (such as IUCN, TNC, WWF, CI, FFI, WCS, SNV, CARE, the Moore Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, etc.). Candidates should also contact the embassies of their countries and the offices of bilateral donors, such as GIZ, DFID, USAID and others, as well as national and project offices financed by multilateral agencies, including the World Bank, OAS, Bank Inter-American Development, the GEF/GEF and the European Union.

ATTENTION:  If you are an applicant that requires a provisional acceptance letter to apply for a specific funding opportunity, please write In some cases, the Center is willing to provide a provisional acceptance letter for applicants who require proof of acceptance in order to request a financing opportunity. 


Be proactive and communicate with us:

Please keep in touch with our center ( during the selection process, including sending us updates on the status of your funding search. If you secure funding, you will need to e-mail us with a letter highlighting the details of your scholarship on behalf of your donor.


Wait for the results:

The Center will send to each applicant an official communication about the results of the selection process. For the online seminar in 2021, the final communication will be sent during the last week of August or first week of September.  For those who are selected to participate in the seminar, we will be in communication with you to facilitate your preparation to attend the seminar. For those who are not selected to participate in this year’s seminar, we advise you to apply next year.

Do you have more questions about the process of applying for this seminar? Please read our FAQ section here.