Welcome to the Sustainable Tourism Community of Learning and Practice official podcast: Protecting Hope.

As sustainable tourism and conservation practitioners we are often surrounded by immense challenges that seem practically impossible to tackle. One thing that our center has witnessed first-hand through our seminars is that there are bright spots of hope all around us. There are practitioners like you that are changing the world day-by-day through their dedication and commitment to conservation and to communities.  These people inspire us and fill us with hope, and we want to share it with the world.

In Protecting Hope, we celebrate and share stories of inspiration and hope from our network at the Center for Protected Area Management. Through this podcast, we will be featuring colleagues and highlighting past participants of our programs as they share their experiences, stories, good practices, and reasons for hope.

Take a listen to get inspired and help us to protect hope.


EPISODE 3: This episode of Protecting Hope is being launched as a part of our collaboration with the USDA Forest Service International Programs for International Day of Forests 2023.  This year, IDF is focused on forests and health.  In this episode, we interview Dr. Kathleen Wolf, a research social scientist that focuses on nature-based human health.  Dr. Wolf discusses some of her research and talks about the human health and well-being benefits that we experience when we spend time in nature.  If you need motivation to get outdoors or just want to know why you feel so good after a short hike, tune in and hear about the ways we benefit from time spent in nature.



Episode Resources:

Urban Forestry/Urban Greening Research:

Publication: Time Spent in Nature Is Associated with Increased Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors

EPISODE 2: Collective goals, congruence with local desires, and awareness about the importance of non-human actors. In this episode Gabriela Fontoura Founder and Director of Estação Gabiraba, a community based tourism operator in the Brazilian Amazon, tells us about the knowledge and lessons she has gathered from working with 20 indigenous  communities in the Amazon, highlighting how for sustainable tourism and environmental conservation diversity is our strength.


Learn more about Estação Gabiraba: //

EPISODE 1: Creating meaningful collaboration, opening ourselves up to new ideas, and seeking authenticity. In this episode Toby Bloom, National Program Manager for Travel, Tourism, and Interpretation at the United States Forest Service, shares key insights from her career and her life mission: reconnecting people to nature.


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