Department Directory


Ethan Billingsley

Adventure Tourism Program Lead

Stuart Cottrell

Professor, Sustainable Tourism, Coordinator of Global Tourism Concentration

His research focus includes sustainable tourism development - linking tourism, nature conservation and protected areas; collaborative conservation and protected area management; and perceptions of landscape disturbance - implications for human dimensions of natural resources, recreation and tourism.

Paul Layden

Instructor, Undergraduate Coordinator, and Internship Coordinator

Internships, career preparation, event planning, natural resource ecology and measurements.

Sam Martin

Instructor and Director of New Enterprise Programs

Adam Mayer

Assistant Professor

Natalie Ooi

Ski Area Management Program Director; Assistant Professor of Practice

Natalie Ooi's teaching expertise lies within ski area management and more broadly, tourism management. She is an instructor in both the Graduate Certificate in Ski Area Management and the Master of Tourism Management programs. Natalie Ooi's research expertise lies within the nexus of sustainable tourism development and mountain resort development. Past and current areas of research include backpacker tourism, volunteer tourism, sustainable tourism development, mountain resort development, social capital, climate change, tourism resilience.

Jon Salerno

Assistant Professor

Human adaptation to environmental change

James Wurz

Research Associate, Instructor

Lina Xiong

Assistant Professor