Seminars, Trainings and Conferences

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Tourism NaturallyJune 4th-6th, 2019

Buxton, UK

Tourism Naturally is a conference designed to address the multitude of issues that arise as tourism businesses, infrastructure, travelers and hosts interact in overlapping economic, cultural, social and environmental spheres. Our mission is to increase professionalism and effectiveness in the travel and tourism field. The 2019 Tourism Naturally Conference will take a special focus on the topics of tourism, transformational experiences, health, wellbeing and sustainability around protected areas. The conference is hosted by the University of Derby in partnership with Colorado State University, the Ludwig-Maximilans-University of Munich, and Central China University.

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Pathways—September 22nd-26th, 2019

YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, CO

Pathways is a conference and training program designed to address the myriad of issues that arise as people and wildlife struggle to coexist in a sustainable and healthy manner.In continuation of our mission to increase professionalism and effectiveness in the human dimensions of fisheries and wildlife management, the 2019 conference will emphasize the controversial topics of wolf reintroduction in Colorado, predator control, and trophy hunting. With the theme of, “Transient or Transformative: Does Human Dimensions Matter?”, the 2019 conference also aims to take a critical look at whether Human Dimensions has achieved its goals in wildlife management and conservation—and if not, how do we?

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Pathways Kenya—February 16th-19th 2020

Brackenhurst Conference and Training Center, Limuru, Kenya

Colorado State University and Pride Lion Conservation Alliance are thrilled to announce their partnership with hosting the Pathways Africa 2020: Human Dimensions of Wildlife conference and training! For the 2020 conference and training, we will examine the costs of excluding diverse voices in our decision-making teams and conservation programs and the benefits we will gain by their inclusion. Our 2020 theme, “Open the Door to Diverse Voices” hopes to provide a closer examination of how balanced leadership teams, effective collaborations, and diverse voices improve conservation impacts. We will also consider the individual and organizational change required to create an environment for innovative, long lasting solutions to address the complex crises of biodiversity loss and climate change and their impacts across Africa. We invite your perspectives on this critical topic.

WAFWA western association of fish and wildlife agencies

Upon successful completion of the Human Dimensions Training Program, participants are awarded HD certification by the Human Dimensions Committee of WAFWA.

The HD Training program is intended to benefit current wildlife professionals, and is currently designed to target two general types of employees:

1. HD Specialists or Technicians Assigned to HD Tasks

These employees, while they may already have a certain amount of HD training and experience, would have an opportunity to advance their HD expertise and assume HD leadership within the agency. The program is designed primarily to target these individuals, who would attend all 4 weeks of on-site training. A total of up to 30 employees will be able to enroll in the full 4-week training program.

2. Mid- to Upper-Level Managers.

These employees, while not directly involved in HD applications, may benefit from learning more about the fundamentals of HD and its utility.  It is not expected that these employees would attend all 4 weeks.