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Bears fighting at Katmai National Park

Pathways 2023

Managing Wildlife in an Era of Mutualism

May 31 – June 3, 2023 | Colorado State University | Fort Collins, CO

Due to shifting societal values, we are seeing the sociocultural context of wildlife conservation changing. Wildlife is increasingly seen as part of one’s social network and worthy of care and compassion as opposed to being seen as something that should be used and managed to benefit humans.  This leads to increasing challenges with traditional wildlife management techniques.

This year’s conference theme is “Managing Wildlife in an Era of Mutualism.” With this in mind, among other topics, Pathways 2023 will be exploring wildlife viewing, wildlife interactions, building meaningful relationships with underserved communities, and human-wildlife conflict through the lens of mutualism.

In pursuit of Pathways’ mission of increasing the professionalism and effectiveness in the human dimensions of wildlife management field, we continue to address the most pressing issues facing conservation efforts today. We invite your perspectives on this critical topic.