Internships and Education Abroad


Organizations such as the National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, non-profit organizations, resorts, and local outfitters participate in the program. They give students the opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals who agree to help them understand the various aspects of agency operations.

This highly respected program helps to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the university and host organizations. Students are provided with a means for integrating classroom theory with practical field applications.  Students are required to complete the 1 credit NR 387 Internship Preparation course before doing their internship and enrolling in NRRT 487 Internship.

If you are a student or an employer and would like more information on the internship program, please contact our internship coordinator Paul Layden. Additionally, you may contact WCNR Career Services for assistance in career development.

Want to discuss the internship requirement, options, or do some strategizing?

Education Abroad

The Department was the first to develop a study abroad program, and has sent over 1,200 of its students to study globally over the past 35 years. There are a wide range of study programs that are suited for our majors throughout the world.

The Office of International Programs at Colorado State University offers many affordable exchange and study abroad programs specifically designed to address the interests of CSU students. In addition, there are many other study abroad programs, offered by study abroad organizations or other universities, in which CSU students can participate.

Advisers in the Office of International Programs can assist with finding study abroad programs that offer HDNR courses or field study.

To obtain more specific information on the various CSU programs and general steps to the process, go to