Education Abroad

Education Abroad

The Department was the first to develop a study abroad program, and has sent over 1,200 of its students to study globally over the past 35 years. There are a wide range of study programs that are suited for our majors throughout the world.

In 2022-23, HDNR sent 27 students abroad in various programs.

The Office of International Programs at Colorado State University offers many affordable exchange and study abroad programs specifically designed to address the interests of CSU students. In addition, there are many other study abroad programs, offered by study abroad organizations or other universities, in which CSU students can participate.

Advisers in the Office of International Programs can assist with finding study abroad programs that offer HDNR courses or field study.

To obtain more specific information on the various CSU programs and general steps to the process, go to

Programs Taught by HDNR Professors


Marine Ecotourism in The Bahamas (Summer)

Sail and snorkel the crystal clear waters of the Bahama Islands while living aboard the Beacon Won, a 67-foot boat. Professor Dr. Stuart Cottrell leads students to explore key issues in the sustainable development of marine ecotourism in the Exumas, Bahamas. The program focuses on coral reef ecology and conservation, and how local Bahamian cultures interact with the sea, nature conservation and tourism development. More info…

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Integrated Social and Ecological Field Methods in Kenya (Summer)

Travel to East Africa, immersing yourself in different cultures and exploring the intersection of people, rangeland health, and wildlife. This program, led by Drs. Brett Bruyere and Sarah Walker,  consists of a five-credit course that provides students with a unique opportunity to study both ecological and social field methods. Through field-based and classroom settings, students will be introduced to research methods in pastoral communities, gaining a depth of understanding about social, cultural and ecological systems that is rarely accessible to visitors in Kenya. More info…