Our Anti Harassment Policy


This program, the Center for Protected Area Management, and International Programs Office of the U.S. Forest Service upholds the Forest Service and Colorado State University’s commitment to create and maintain a work environment in which all people are treated with dignity, fairness, and respect, and where all are free from any type of harassment, intimidation, or bullying. This commitment extends to all Colorado State University employees, Forest Service employees, contractors, partners, participants in any of our programs, and anyone who does business with us. Whether in the workplace or not, whether on duty or off duty, and whether or not another employee witnesses it, CSU and the U.S. Forest Service do not tolerate:

  1. Sexual harassment or sex discrimination.
  2. Inappropriate language, visual display or behavior which intimidates, abuses, offends, or creates a hostile work environment. This prohibition includes any form of language, visual display or behavior which discriminates on the basis of race, color, religion, age, disability, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, genetic information, marital, and /or parental status.
  3. The use of Government issued and/or provided electronic devices to harass, demean, or degrade another. This prohibition includes the viewing, downloading, storage, or distribution of pornography or hate speech.
  4. Retaliation against any employee for reporting matters under this policy, or for assisting in an inquiry related to such a report.

We will hold any employee, contractor, partner, or program participant who engages in harassing, intimidating or bullying behavior accountable. We encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses questionable behavior which may be considered harassment, intimidation or bullying to discuss the behavior with a CSU seminar representative, an official with the U.S. Forest Service International Programs, a Forest Service management official, or a Colorado State University official.  We provide you with multiple options to ensure that you have a place to report any issues. Alternatively, you are welcome to call the U.S. Forest Service Harassment Reporting Center toll free at (844) 815-8943 or the CSU Harassment Reporting Center at (970) 491-5836, to make an official report.

For more information, read the full U.S. Forest Service Anti-Harassment Policy available here: https://www.fs.fed.us/sites/default/files/wo-1760-amend-2017-1-003.pdf

For more information, read the full Colorado State University Anti-Harassment Policy available here: https://oeo.colostate.edu/discrimination-harassment-sexual-harassment-sexual-misconduct-domestic-violence-dating-violence-stalking-and-retaliation-policy/

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