N-Drive System Management

As it is currently configured, the WCNR network storage system has a capacity of approximately 100TB. Storage on this system is allocated to administrative, instructional, and faculty/staff personal use, and student use with access permissions managed by WCNR Technology Services staff. 


Storage Allocation and Provisioning 

Provisioning of group storage is handled by the WCNR Technology Services staff.  To request storage,  please contact WCNR IT Support. 

The current capacity of the WCNR network storage system provides for the following storage allocations by use category:

CategoryUse TypeCurrent Allocations
Administrative Academic Department1TB/each
Administrative Centers1TB/each
Administrative College25TB/each
InstructionalCourse Development25TB/total
InstructionalCourse Data6TB/total
StudentGroup/Club Collaboration50GB/each


Access Permissions Management 

Specific directory access permissions are designated by the Data Custodian of the shared directory. Data Custodianship follows organization hierarchy for business continuity. The Data Custodian is typically the unit leader or original requester of the share. Data Custodians may appoint a single designate, empowered to provide access approvals for a given directory.Privacy expectations in adherence to all CSU Policy will be observed. Specific policies include “Acceptable Use for Computing and Networking Resources” and “Information Technology Security” (Section 5). 


Backups and Data Retention 

Backup guidelines are applied to WCNR storage services. Daily backups are retained for 21 days before automated removal. Backups older than 21 days may not be available for retrieval.  WCNR Technology Services can provide suggestions for long term data archiving solutions. 

Access management and data retention is directory specific. Any loss of CSU eID credentials will result in revocation of storage access permissions as well. Furthermore, lack of affiliation with WCNR will result in the revocation of storage access permissions.  

MyFiles access is automatically disabled upon lack of WCNR affiliation, MyFiles data is removed 365 days from disable date. 

Student Working Groups directory owners will receive an annual 30-day renewal notice via email before the directory is archived for removal.