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College students can print at any one of the labs located within the Michael Smith Natural Resources building. All student labs within the college have both black and white, and color printers. If printing in color, while setting up your document to print, be sure to select the color printer as opposed to the black and white. These will be labeled accordingly.

The College also offers plotter printing for large posters, maps, and other projects. The plotter is only available in the CAL Lab (MSNR 107A). To get something printed for the plotter, stop by the lab attendant staff desk within the CAL. All you’ll need your CSU ID and a USB drive with the document (PDF format required for plotter printing) you need printed.

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The Warner College Fee for Technology provides Warner students with the ability to print in the computer labs. The printing in the labs is based around a credit system regulated by the Student Technology Fee Committee representatives. The WCNR printing system is separate from other CSU printing credits. See below for further details on this system

  • All students begin with 1300 print credits
  • Black & white printers charge 2 credits per page
  • Color printers charge 13 credits per page
  • All students will be given an additional 1300 credits on July 1 and January 1
  • Any credit amount not used is carried forward to the next semester
  • Increases of 500 credits are given when a printing account drops below 250 credits

How Will It Work ?


A program will run each time you log into the lab computers which will display the printing credits available to you. You can click on the ‘refresh’ icon at any time to view your current available credit. When the balance on this ‘account’ drops below 250 credits, requests for an additional 500 credits can be made.

If you have comments or questions regarding this system, please direct them towards your Student Technology Fee Committee representative or email

Request a print quota increase here –

Please note:
While this printing system was devised using actual printing costs as described above, no exchange of money is actually made, and “credits” cannot be redeemed.

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Computer Applications Lab (CAL) Lab Attendant

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