RStor Network Storage for WCNR FAQ

What is RStor?

RStor is an ACNS-provided, scalable network-attached storage platform by Dell EMC, called Isilon and it currently has a capacity of just over 300 terabytes in size.  

RStor provides access to high-volume, scalable storage of unstructured data for research needs, and through a hybrid central funding model it is cost-effective for storage of large volumes of research data.

How do I request space on the RStor system?

WCNR tenured and tenure track faculty are provided 1TB of storage space on RStor. Others may request space from WCNR Technology Services. As this is a shared system across the university, requests for space is not guaranteed. RStor is $70 per terabyte per year. 

Can tenured/tenure-track faculty pool our complimentary space?

No, we request that the complimentary allocations not be pooled.

How do I request additional space if I already have space?

To request additional space on the RStor system, contact WCNR Technology Services. As this is a shared system across the university, requests for additional space is not guaranteedRStor is $70 per terabyte per year. 

What if I want to decrease my space allocation?

Decreases are only allowed at the start of a new fiscal year (July 1). Please make space decrease requests prior to May 1st to WCNR Technology Services. 

Are space quotas enforced?

Yes, each top level folder and all the contents below it are subject to a hard quota. 

How do I access the RStor system?

The RStor system is accessible from Windows, macOS, and Linux and is mapped as a network drive. Currently only the SMB protocol is available for WCNR users.    

From Windows:


From macOS and Linux using SMB: 

smb://  (This is a DFS link to the RStorsystem) 



What about NFS?

RStor supports NFS. WCNR Technology Services is working to implement NFS access. 

 NFS is a system managed service please and requires the IP address of a computer mounting RStor via NFS be explicitly allowed from the RStor system.  Contact WCNR Technology Services for assistance for NFS-based access to RStor. 

Can RStor be used for collaboration with others at CSU?

RStor allows for file sharing with other WCNR and CSU faculty, staff, and graduate students.  Folder and file permissions are managed by the owner of the space using CSU’s web-based Grouper access management system and Windows File Explorer.  Linux and macOS and Linux will need access to a Microsoft Windows computer to modify Grouper-defined folder and file access permissions. 

How do I access Grouper?

The Grouper web-based permissions management application is found

Can Rstor be used for collaboration with others outside of CSU?

Access to RStor requires a CSU eID.

Where are the instructions for managing my RStor file permissions?

Detailed instructions for RStor file permission management can be found on the WCNR Technology Services website:

Is RStor billed monthly or annually?

RStor is billed monthly with a commitment until the end of the current fiscal year. 

Is my data backed up?

Daily Snapshots 

For data protection, the RStor system creates daily read-only point-in-time copies (snapshots) of files for 30 days. Restoring files from the snapshots is simple and done by the owner of the file using the “Previous Versions” tab in Windows File Explorer. 

Disaster Recovery Backup 

A nightly disaster recovery (DR) backup is taken of the entire system to different locations on campus.

Data Archiving 

Each user is encouraged to develop and implement a data archiving practice.  WCNR Technology Services staff can assist you with development of an individual data archiving strategy.