Instructor Resources

The Warner College of Natural Resources offers multiple labs and classrooms for educational use. There are three computer labs, hosted within the Michael Smith Natural Resources building, available for teaching purposes: Computer Learning Lab East (CLL East, MSNR 232), Computer Learning Lab West (CLL West, MSNR 232), and the Graphics Technology Lab (GTL, MSNR 230). For specific information regarding these individual labs, and the differences between them, be sure to check out our Computer Labs page.

WCNR also provides the Foothills Classroom (MSNR 243) for instructor use. This classroom provides the flexibility of computer technology in a more traditional classroom environment. Instead of desktop computers, this classrooms can request laptop carts which give students access to a laptop, loaded with all the same software as the computer labs. For more information on this classroom and the technology provided, check out the Foothills Classroom page.

Getting Started with the Computer Labs

Scheduling a Computer Lab/Classroom and Requesting Computer Lab Software


Scheduling for the WCNR computer labs and classrooms is done through the WCNR Lab Manager. Please send an email to with information regarding the time slot you are interested in and the computer lab/classroom you’d like the schedule. It is also recommended that if you need any software, not listed on the Available Software page, to include this in your request, as well.

Computer Lab Instructions


All of the computer labs feature an integrated Windows-based computer for instructor use. These computers are automatically connected to the projector. Login using your CSU eID credentials. This will allow access to your network folders on the N-drive.

There is a panel on the back-wall with controls to turn on-and-off the display. Ensure that the panel is set to “PC” if using the instructor desk computer. The amp controller on the instructor desk must be powered-on for sound. Make sure the computer sound is on, as well.

Laptops can also be connected to the projectors using and HDMI input. On the back-wall panel, change the display from “PC” to “HDMI Laptop” to swap to the HDMI input.

Laptop Carts


WCNR Technology Services provides laptop carts for college and departmental classes in the Michael Smith Natural Resources building, the Forestry building, and the Wagar (weather permitting) building classrooms. The laptop carts allow for computing technology in a more traditional classroom environment. Each cart holds 20 laptops. These laptops are automatically charged via the laptop cart. However, there are extra laptop chargers and power strips provided, in the event that battery power gets low. USB mice are also provided.

If you require laptop carts for a class, please email Once scheduled, the carts will be deliver to the requested classroom (Wagar building classrooms, weather permitting).

If you are teaching a class in WCNR Foothills Dynamic Classroom (MSNR Building Room 243), please visit our Foothills Dynamic Classroom page for information regarding the specialized laptop carts for this classroom.

N-Drive Allocation for Classes


WCNR Technology Services provides a network data storage service (N Drive) for instructional purposes. The N-Drive is automatically connected to all lab computers (including laptops) upon login with an associated CSU eID login. This is a great option for sharing larger files (datasets, for instance) with students or for setting up group folders for student collaboration on projects.

Instructors can request space on the N-Drive for their class by emailing Please provide the name of the class, if anyone else needs access to it (teaching aides), how much space is required, and any other requirements for the space.

Content is removed at the end of semester. If you need any course files and content saved, email