FRS Research Areas

Areas of expertise

What do we research?

...on the ground the lab

...from the air

Our collective expertise in a variety of disciplines offers this century’s scientists and stewards a comprehensive picture of the foundational resources that support life on earth.

Our field of vision peers through microscopic lenses, surveys the bird’s-eye view and envisions a stewardship future for forests and rangelands worldwide.

We ask scientific questions that integrate community needs into research applications for forests and rangelands.

Our results show what’s happening on the ground, leading to progressive change. Within specific areas of expertise, our faculty are currently exploring many of the following topics.


Sustainable conditions

We discover how to restore essential ecological processes to damaged forest and rangeland ecosystems. We monitor resource use and unearth new ways to make affected spaces healthy and resilient again.


Modeling solutions

We study the ecological benefits of fire in forests and rangelands historically shaped by this natural phenomenon. We also pioneer technology that provides better information for severe wildfire prevention and preparedness nationwide. 

Policy and Economics

Influencing sound decisions

We seek to understand the social forces at work for effective and influential policy and governance of public and private forests and rangelands. 

Where do we conduct research?