Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Graduate Programs

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You're ready to take your stewardship to the next level. Become forest and rangeland science and stewardship leaders at the forefront of advancing well-established fields and innovating new paths within these disciplines. Our community atmosphere provides the resources and mentorship you need to develop independent scholarship and critical thought for 21st century natural resource challenges in our world's forests and rangeland ecosystems.

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We offer three programs for stewards pursuing academic or applied careers.

Master of Science (M.S.)

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Master of Natural Resources Stewardship (MNRS)

Students conduct independent research and present their results in an oral defense as well as a written thesis or professional paper. It prepares graduates for careers in research or management, and is the best preparation for a Ph.D. It can be completed in two years of full time coursework.

Students produce independent research that contributes significantly to science. They present their results in an oral defense and written dissertation. This program leads to a high degree of specialization.  A Ph.D. program requires five years of full-time work beyond a bachelor’s, or three years beyond a master’s.

The MNRS degree is a coursework-intensive master’s degree with specializations in Forest Sciences, Ecological Restoration, and Rangeland Ecology and Management. It is designed for students who wish to enter or advance in natural resource management careers. It can be completed in as little as three semesters or as long as five years.

For the M.S. & Ph.D. programs, a faculty member must agree to serve as your advisor before you can be recommended for admission.

Contact faculty members with research interests similar to yours and ask if they are accepting new students and have project funding available for the semester you would like to start. Not all research areas have space or funding available each year for new M.S. or Ph.D. students.

Master of Natural Resources Stewardship specializations are in:

  • Ecological Restoration
  • Forest Sciences
  • Rangeland Ecology and Management
  • Western Ranch Management and Ecosystem Stewardship