About Us

trees and mountains


Forests, rangelands, and aquatic ecosystems support human societies, the environment, and the wealth of life on Earth. The Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship consists of foresters, range scientists, hydrologists, and social scientists that study natural environmental processes and how they interact with human systems.

Our department offers comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs in a wide variety of disciplines within forestry, natural resources management, rangeland ecology, watershed science, and geographic information systems.

We capitalize on our proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Colorado High Plains, and inter-montane basins to give students unique educational opportunities in outdoor laboratories as well as in traditional classrooms and laboratory settings.

Department Mission

Our professional programs in forest, rangeland and natural resources stewardship, through collaboration with other programs in our college and university, produce graduates who are prepared to meet the challenges facing future land managers. Our research, extension and outreach programs generate and communicate knowledge to students, managers, policy makers, peers, and the public and establish us as a preeminent authority in forest, rangeland, and natural resources stewardship.


We prepare students with the knowledge and understanding to be productive members of a changing society and to lead the next generation of land management professionals.

We offer programs of instruction that meet the needs of our departmental baccalaureate and graduate degree offerings, and provide for certification and continuing educational needs of Colorado, the nation and international constituencies.


We are engaged in comprehensive research programs that advance scientific knowledge and communication for the benefit of Colorado, the nation, and the world.

Our research is responsive to constituency needs, provides for student involvement, and is integrated with our teaching programs.

Extension and Outreach

We actively exchange information with individuals and organizations concerned with land stewardship to disseminate knowledge and obtain feedback for evaluation and modification of departmental programs.

We serve the lifelong educational and training needs of forest and rangeland stewardship professionals.


We are active participants and leaders in local, university, national, and international scholarly and professional organizations.

We are involved in faculty governance, professional, special or ad hoc committees, and other services, activities, or events in our respective disciplines.