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CSU admissions helps with applications, transcripts & other processes of acceptance to the university.

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Find equivalent courses and learn how a course will transfer.

Here is a helpful guide for using transferology.

General Transfer Info

– CSU accepts 64 credits from accredited community college
– Credits from a community college will ONLY count for 100 & 200 level course work

For more info visit the registrars website.

Transferring Outside of Colorado

If you have transfer credits outside of Colorado you can have a tentative evaluation ran on your unofficial transcripts.  Fill out a Tentative Transfer Evaluation Form and send it to  This service is only offered to students who HAVE NOT been accepted to CSU.

Transfer Guides

The guides below are intended to aid students enrolled at Front Range Community College or Colorado Mountain College understand how coursework will transfer to CSU and count towards a degree in our department.

There is no guarantee that courses will transfer from FRCC as credit for coursework at CSU. Credit for courses not listed on the guide is up to the discretion of the departmental advisor.

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