Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department Majors and Minors

Community thinking. Making connections.

Come as you are. Let’s get you where you want to go! A community atmosphere provides the resources and mentorship you need to develop independent scholarship and critical thought for 21st century natural resource challenges.

All majors and minors in the Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department ensure you will be at the forefront of advancing well-established fields that improve the sustainability and resilience of forest and rangeland ecosystems.

Our stewardship covers close to 75 percent of the earth’s land surface. What resource speaks to you? We’ll help you learn that language.

Can you see yourself here?

We can.

Our students come straight from high school, transfer from another university, return after a hiatus, serve our country, seek a career change, are the first to attend college in their family, hail from rural towns or big cities, and/or call another country home.

These graduating seniors found what they were looking for.

We expect you will too.




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All degrees awarded are Bachelor of Science degrees.

students taking forestry measurements

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Forest and Rangeland Stewardship

Choose a concentration and gain the versatility to study and manage lands that cover much of the earth.

  • Forest Biology Concentration
  • Forest Fire Science Concentration
  • Forest Management Concentration
  • Rangeland and Forest Management Concentration
  • Rangeland Conservation and Management Concentration
Woman carrying tree tubes

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Restoration Ecology

From wildlands to urban lands, learn how to restore and rehabilitate altered ecosystems using natural processes and human intervention.

Students make ground measurements

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Natural Resources Management

Discover the interconnecting values nature and society share and design sustainable solutions for modern natural resource challenges. A minor is required for this degree.

firefighters working on a building

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Fire and Emergency Services Administration

Looking to climb the career ladder? Lead your field into the future of emergency response with this online degree.

One Alumna Found Her Research Niche

Ryleigh Gelles' research project made some waves. She was awarded the Warner College of Natural Resources Undergraduate Research Award for 2019. She also received first-place for her research poster presentation at the 2019 High Altitude Revegetation, Society for Ecological Restoration - Rocky Mountain Chapter Conference, and first place honors in STEM at 2019 MURALS, CSU's Multicultural Undergraduate Research Art and Leadership Symposium.

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Minors are open to all CSU students.

Our Alumni

The world is waiting for you!

Our alumni work both inside and outside in their stewardship. A few recent graduates sent us selfies of the projects and places in their current stewardship.