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Academic Resources

Variable Credit Override Form

Thesis, dissertation, research and independent study credits.

To register for non-regular courses (those with variable credits) please complete the Variable Credit Override Form.  If you attempted to register for a class and received the following message: “Contact department for registration”, then you must submit this form before you will be able to register.

Library Services

For assistance in conducting library searches, contact Jocelyn Boice to set up an instructional appointment in using the library search engines.

Funding opportunities

Warner College of Natural Resources offers more than 130 scholarships ranging from $450-$5000 specifically to undergraduate and graduate students in its departments.

Financial support is offered to many qualified students through both graduate research and teaching assistantships. The student pays student fees, while the assistantship pays tuition and a stipend. Most assistantships are half time; occasionally, one-quarter- and three-quarter-time appointments are available.

Enjoy student life

Your career becomes a lifestyle here. We believe your personal development is just as important as your professional development.