Center for Protected Area Management


For more than fifty years Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources has played a leadership role in research, teaching, training and technical assistance related to the world’s parks and protected natural areas. It is widely recognized that these areas play a vital role in maintaining the earth’s biotic diversity and ecosystem health. Sound management provided by trained professionals and citizen support will ensure the maintenance of these important areas which anchor the success of nature conservation into the 21st century. The Center for Protected Area Management was formed to assist protected area professionals in strengthening the management of the world’s protected areas and adjacent lands.


The Center for Protected Area Management (CPAM) was formed to extend the CSU land-grant mission by contributing to the conservation, planning, and management of the world’s protected areas and the landscapes and seascapes that connect them through capacity building, applied research, and technical collaboration with the organizations that help manage them and the communities whose well-being depends on them.

Our Objectives

  • Provide technical assistance and training to protected area managers both nationally and internationally
  • Provide opportunities for research and training to students in protected area management and expose them to a range for work environments
  • Contribute to the shared knowledge base and network of protected areas throughout the world
  • Integrate the knowledge and experience gained while working with protected area managers into professional literature, training materials, courses, seminars and other university activities.