Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Department of Geosciences is committed as a learning, research, and engagement community to improve and enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion for all students, faculty, scientists, and staff. Creating a more inclusive community is fundamental to our mission to achieve excellence in teaching, research, service, and outreach. 

The Department of Geosciences at Colorado State University (CSU) is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive-minded community of staff, faculty, and students.  We believe such a community generates more equitable educational opportunities and inclusive research. Our commitment is based on knowledge that the geosciences are stronger when they include people of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We recognize that the representation of diverse ideas in our discipline is not matched by an equally diverse representation of individuals. Further, we explicitly acknowledge the role racism, sexism, disablism, and other forms of discrimination have had in the history of our nation, world, and discipline, and which continue to bias decisions and to influence policies and practices today. As such, we pledge to work tirelessly towards eliminating all forms of bias within our department, across the University, throughout academia, and in our interactions beyond. We strongly believe that creating a more inclusive climate within our department is critical to meeting and maintaining the high academic and research standards that we strive to uphold. We are committed to being a welcoming place where all students, faculty, scientists, and staff, regardless of race, age, creed, color, religion, socioeconomic status, first-generation status, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, neurodivergence, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, or pregnancy can thrive. Building a diverse and welcoming environment is an integral part of educating the geosciences leaders of tomorrow and conducting impactful research that will  help solve many of society’s greatest challenges. 


Unlearning Racism in the Geosciences (URGE) pod:

CSU hosted URGE pods composed of students and faculty in 2021 and 2023: https://urgeoscience.org/pods/csu-geosciences/

Department G.E.O.D.E. trainings

The DEI Committee, in partnership with the WCNR Diversity and Inclusion Program, host G.E.O.D.E. (Gaining Equitable Opportunities in Diversity and Environment) trainings every semester. These workshops provide an opportunity for the department to come together to increase knowledge, awareness, and action around DEI topics.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Graduate Student Professional Development funding

Each spring, the DEI Committee facilitates a competitive funding opportunity to support graduate student professional development around DEI topics.

Graduate Student Organization

The Geosciences Graduate Student Organization meets regularly to foster community and communication amongst graduate students. The GSO has been active since its formation in the spring of 2021. With a mission to represent and connect geoscience graduate students at CSU, the GeoGSO has spearheaded several department initiatives over the past year, including graduate student participation in faculty hiring, improved resources and peer mentoring for incoming students, and the establishment of a Graduate Application Assistance Program (GAAP). The GeoGSO applied for and was awarded funding to collaborate with the Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Rickey Frierson, Ph.D. to establish G.E.O.D.E., a customized training series that encourages DEI efforts and education within the department. GeoGSO members have also worked with faculty and staff to host various department events including a recurring coffee hour, annual community meeting, and annual chili cookoff! They look forward to future opportunities to connect, engage, and advocate for geosciences graduate students.

Graduate Assistance Application Program

In a department-GSO partnership, graduate students in the department run a free mentorship program to support prospective students of all backgrounds in applying to graduate school. More details can be found here!



The department Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is composed of students (undergraduate & graduate), faculty and staff working to eliminate all forms of bias within our department, improve representation in the geosciences, and build a culture of inclusion in our department and in our interactions with the greater Geoscience community. The DEI Committee  meets monthly during the academic year, and we encourage all members of the department to participate.  


2023-24 Committee Members:  Dan McGrath (Chair), Derek Schutt (sabbatical), Sean Bryan, Jeremy Rugenstein, Anna Marshall (graduate student representative), Ally Detre (graduate student representative), Claire Pickerel (undergraduate student representative), Victoria Arnold, Sammy Malavarca, Connor Mertz, Ana Maria Pérez Hincapié, Shayla Triantafillou, Isabella Ulate


To report bias incidents, please go to: https://biasreporting.colostate.edu/