Fire and Emergency Services Administration (FESA)

A Degree Program For Career Firefighters And Emergency Services Personnel

Advance your career with a degree in Fire and Emergency Services Administration (FESA).  You will gain the knowledge and skills needed to assume administrative, management and leadership positions in a variety of fire protection, prevention, emergency medical, emergency preparedness and first responder positions.  Exploration of key topics such as department management, budgeting and personnel will provide you with a strong administrative foundation.

The FESA program is ideal for career firefighters and first responders who want to develop their careers and prepare for promotion.  Most students in the program have at least five years of work experience and are working towards promotion within their career path.  Typical FESA students are currently employed as career or volunteer firefighters, paramedics, emergency managers, prevention and code compliance trainers, and wildland firefighters.   The goal of the FESA program is to provide students with a challenging education and professional development experience that prepares them to be successful leaders.

All courses in the FESA program are offered through online delivery only.  Courses use a variety of online discussions, assignments and learning materials to engage students.  On-campus attendance is not required for any courses.

FESA Program Objectives

  • Provide students with opportunities for professional growth and development through challenging academic experiences and professional contact with faculty, other students, and emergency service professionals.
  • Provide the opportunity to network through course activities with other students and emergency service professionals.
  • Provide students with critical thinking skills, logical decision making behaviors, and personal reflection attitudes.
  • Provide students with the academic skills needed for continuous learning in future higher education and executive development programs.
  • Provide students with content knowledge and skills in emergency service personnel administration, financial management, planning, program evaluation, and measurement and management leadership of key fire and emergency service functions.
  • Provide students with an academic linkage between prior learning in technical training programs, associate degree programs, and professional experience in fire and emergency services organizations.

Course Offerings

Contact Us

Prospective students considering the program:

Joy Nyenhuis
(970) 491-2665
Current students needing academic advising:

Rebekah Pichotta
FESA Key Advisor
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Career advising and questions on class content:

Larry Grosse, Ph.D.
FESA Program Coordinator
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