Department Directory


Tony Cheng

Professor and Director, CO Forest Restoration Institute

My interests are in forest governance, policy, and administration, specifically collaborative, participatory strategies that attempt to sustain both resilient forest ecosystems and the well-being of forest-reliant communities.

Robert Coleman


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) , Forest Measurements , Dendrology

David Cooper

Senior Research Scientist/Professor

I work on the full range of issues related to wetland and riparian ecosystems.

Seth Davis

Assistant Professor

The chemical, behavioral, and microbial ecology of insects in both forest and agricultural ecosystems.

Seth Ex

Assistant Professor, Silviculture

Silviculture and applied forest ecology

Maria Fernandez-Gimenez


Rangeland Social-ecological Systems

Kurt Mackes

Senior Research Scientist/Associate Professor

Timber harvesting and wood utilization

Linda Nagel

Professor and Department Head

Troy Ocheltree

Assistant Professor

Plant ecophysiology, plant water-use strategies, plant drought tolerance, drought-induced mortality, sensor development and implementation.

Mark Paschke

Shell Endowed Chair of Restoration Ecology

Restoration Ecology

Miranda Redmond

Assistant Professor

Forest and woodland ecology; vegetation response to global change

Douglas Rideout

Professor/Director WESTFIRE Research Center

Wildfire and prescribed fire economics, timber industry sales and analyses

Camille Stevens-Rumann

Assistant Professor

Fire Ecology, Disturbance Ecology

Wade Tinkham

Assistant Professor

Advancing the use of biometrics, remote sensing, and quantitative models in natural resources.

Yu Wei

Associate Professor

My research activities have been centered on developing science based decision support tools for forestry and natural resource management using techniques in the operations research (OR) and management science realm including systems analysis, spatial optimization, and stochastic programming.