Department Directory


Randall Boone

Research Scientist and Professor

Wildlife and pastoral ecology; Simulation; Teaching

Gillian Bowser

Associate Professor

My passion is connecting citizen science, art and science using multicultural perspectives and international agreements to global sustainability issues such as pollinator decline. I also believe in the integration of art and culture into ecological research and communication.

Rich Conant

Department Head

Tim Covino

Associate Professor Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

Steven Fassnacht


Snow Hydrology, Climate Impacts on Water Resources

Wei Gao


Regional Climate/Ecosystem Modeling, Remote Sensing, Solar UV Radiation Monitoring and Research

Ed Hall

Associate Professor

John Moore

Director of NREL

Stephen Ogle

Full Professor and Senior Research Scientist

Elizabeth Tulanowski


GIS Educator with over 20 years of GIS experience, focusing on spatial analysis and the ArcGIS suite, extensive teaching experience, and a background in Natural Resources.

Tom Hobbs

Professor Emeritus

Melinda Laituri

Professor Emeritus

Water resources, participatory mapping, geospatial applications for natural resource management