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Do you have a desire to sustainably manage and protect the world’s natural resources?

Do you want to help address critical issues in sustainability and watershed science?

Do you enjoy using cutting-edge technology, traveling, and working outdoors?


The Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability is one of five academic departments in Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources , the most comprehensive natural resources college in the nation. The Department brings together top faculty leading global research in ecosystem science and sustainability and watershed science. Students engage in field work, laboratory training, and technical instruction to examine and explore the sustainability of local, regional and global resources.  CSU’s campus is located along the Front Range of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, providing students with unique access to a wide variety of ecosystems, such as alpine, subalpine, montane, foothills and shortgrass steppe, that serve as living classrooms for hands-on learning.  Students graduating from the Department will have strong scientific preparation combined with a global perspective for placement in a variety of careers and graduate schools.

Ecosystem Science and Sustainability Major

Humans are intensifying their use of natural resources, and the demand for professionals who understand and can sustainably manage those resources will continue to grow. The Bachelor of Science in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability degree provides students with the strategies for understanding how ecosystem services can be maintained around the globe, and the curriculum provides students with a strong scientific foundation in ecosystem ecology integrated with a broad knowledge of the cultural, social, economic and political issues that are shaping the issue of sustainability. READ MORE

Watershed Science & Sustainability Major and Minor

CSU’s Watershed Science & Sustainability program has a fifty-year legacy of interdisciplinary study of the natural processes and human activities that affect freshwater resources. Watershed scientists study the physical, chemical, social, and biological factors that affect the quantity, quality, and flux of water. The Bachelor of Science in Watershed Science & Sustainability degree prepares students with the skills needed for careers that address complex water issues and the curriculum provides a solid background in science, policy and quantitative skills necessary for tackling the challenges associated with creating a sustainable environment for water use in the twenty-first century. Students in the Watershed Science & Sustainability major choose between three concentrations: Watershed Data, Watershed Science, or Watershed Sustainability to meet their personal goals within the program.  READ MORE

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