ESS Student Organizations

The Department of Ecosystem Science and Sustainability is home to two student-run organizations.  These clubs are open to any major and meet regularly throughout the academic year.  Please contact them through the email addresses or links below to find out about the latest meetings and activities.

For more information on student clubs within the Warner College of Natural Resources, please visit the WCNR Student Organizations page.

Ecosystem Science & Sustainability (ESS) Club

The Ecosystem Science and Sustainability (ESS) Club aims to unite students who are passionate about sustainability. Their goals are to connect with ESS faculty to learn about their experiences, give ESS a presence on campus, form a tight-knit bond between club members, and evoke positive environmental change within the community.

For additional information, please email:

Please follow on Facebook: Ecosystem Science & Sustainability Student Club

Watershed Club

The Watershed Club strives to provide social activities, student camaraderie, educational experiences, networking opportunities, betterment of our community, and interests in the field of Watershed Science to our participants.

For additional information, please email

Please follow on Facebook:   CSU Watershed Science Club

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